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KherusKherus Registered User regular
While trying to log in on main page it says error loading please try again. I gave it a few tries then a few hours before trying again but it still won't let me log in. Sorry didnt mean to double post that.

Kherus on


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    Sam0VailSam0Vail Registered User new member
    I have the same problem, can't log into my PA account. Get this message:

    An error has occurred. Please try again.

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    ltgruntltgrunt Registered User regular
    Same. Tried multiple browsers because I figured it was just Chrome being buggy at first.

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    K.MI.K.C.K.MI.K.C. Registered User regular
    edited October 2015
    Same here.

    Edit: Okay, I'm good again. Thanks.

    K.MI.K.C. on
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    esb42esb42 Registered User regular
    Sign In should be working again. Please let me know.

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    KherusKherus Registered User regular
    Working for me now. Holy cow, i know I double threaded by mistake of a button press but I'm sure I didn't triple thread. Thanks anyway guys.

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