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blinds art thread



  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Ok I worked this through some more, I'm going to put this one down now. Hope that improves things.

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    edited July 4
    Stuff from this long weekend + an in progress pic of the next Paul/Prussian guy painting

    BlindPsychic on
  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Done I guess, I might sleep on this one just to force myself to do more to it maybe

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Ok I lied, for real I'm sleeping on it

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular

    Ok done now, composition didn't really pan out how I wanted. I think I always under estimate how much space I'll end up with

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Working on trying to learn how to draw one character consistently. I was talking to a comic book artist on twitter, and one thing he said I should try drawing just way more of my own characters in addition to my study stuff so since my sketchbooks learn very heavily in that. So here we are

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Continuing this character development, oh my god this takes forever.

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    edited July 14
    just a fun sketch

    BlindPsychic on
  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Some hands, a Jaime Jones study and some fooling around since I guess I'm procrastinating.

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Sister in law brought us a cocoa pod from Grenada, so I painted it in natural light. Wow that is super hard after using strong light sources all the time.

  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    That study would benefit from some hard edges. Having a little confidence in your contours can really push a piece forward.

    The general at the trailer was really starting to shape up. The chrome on the trailer itself suffers from blurry, non specific shapes. If you are interested in painting, I really suggest picking up How to Render, its a very technical book and you probably wont consume very much of it at once, but it in combination with shape and material studies is a good way to put yourself on a fast track for learning how to accomplish some of these things. If you are already doing things like still life drawing, there's no reason to not try to back it up with books and videos when you can.

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    edited July 18

    Yeah I think that's my biggest weakness with painting rn aside from craftsmanship stuff, I'll have to pick it up. Thanks for the comments

    edit: I think what I'll do is start doing some more still lives and really focus on getting my edges and craftsmanship on point. In addition to the value stuff. And then some of the basic shape stuff for forms, I'll have to go back over the ctrl paint things.

    There's just so much to do, its kind of overwhelming. Do you know any good books or videos about doing environments? I've been trying to do studies on the side of that (both little value renderings in pencil and master studies) but I don't feel like I'm really getting anything out of it.

    The things I've been focusing on lately is:
    1. Hands, which are mostly just drawings in my sketchbook, I'm trying to do 100, I'm about 1/3 of the way there, although I can't say I've been too happy with the first few
    2. Working on my gesture drawing a bit more
    3. Trying to actually just like, finish things which I think is a huge spot that is holding me back a lot. Just the actual full process of getting something to done enough. Like, I can't just throw away a piece and been happy with the results generally, it takes me a lot of prep and time to make something I'm happy with.
    4. Trying to work on my line economy in everything, trying to consciously prevent myself from petting back over lines and things like that.

    Do you think it would be best to just portion off an hour and a half or so each night just for study stuff and use the rest for actually finishing things? Before the last 2 weeks or so, most nights I would be only practicing except for some doodling at the end.

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  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    edited July 20

    Progress on what is developing into a very complex piece, so its kinda taking a long time...

    BlindPsychic on
  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Wow I'm donzo, that was the longest amount of time I've spent on a piece since school I think... that was every night all week to finish this.

  • CarnalStateCarnalState Registered User regular
    Wow! Just ran through your whole thread and what a payoff at the end! Really love it.

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Thanks man, I appreciate it

  • BlindPsychicBlindPsychic Registered User regular
    Just a quick character design

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