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ripteh1337ripteh1337 Registered User new member
Hello All!

Me and my friend founded a gaming community in 2012 that has rapidly grown to 1500+ members and support 18+ games with newer games being supported as they are released! Both of us are in Austin and we plan on attending Pax South to be able to see some people and have a great time! Reply to the thread if you're up to meeting us at the event!


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    AshTRAshTR Austin, TXRegistered User regular
    edited December 2015
    Cool, I'm in Austin as well. I'm the guy that made the PAX South 2016 BYOC group. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PAXSouthBYOC Should be attending PAX South if all goes well finance-wise. :)

    AshTR on
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    Tachyon AeonTachyon Aeon Registered User regular
    Hey how is it going? I will be attending

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    Tachyon AeonTachyon Aeon Registered User regular
    rip do you have a page?

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    Bartoni33Bartoni33 Southern IllinoisRegistered User regular
    I am exclusively a PC gamer (all hail the PC mas... na I won't say it :P ) so I am wondering what rip is talking about too. I am flying in so no BYOC for me unfortunately.

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