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PAX East 2016 Solo Attendees Thread



  • PavioPavio Registered User regular
    edited April 2016
    This is my second solo PAX, the rest have been with a groups, and it's been awesome especially since my group is pretty great. This is my first East though.

    But, there are some awesome perks to going solo:
    -The year I went solo I got through many AAA lines very quickly--because the groups ahead of you don't always make perfect numbers they usually ask if there is a solo in line, make sure and jump at that :) Seriously, that was the only year at Prime that I saw everything I wanted to.
    -As mentioned by several others, go where you want, when you want.
    -I meet a lot more cool people this way. When I'm with my group we meet people on occasion, but we don't really group up.

    Pavio on
  • PavioPavio Registered User regular
    And checking out the schedule I see there's a panel for this:

  • infornographinfornograph Registered User new member
    edited April 2016
    I've been to the last few solo to the convention and did stuff solo but room shared with friends that did their own thing as well.

    Any Ingress players - will go UPC/UPV/Mission Mosaic hunting after the convention hours.

    infornograph on
  • melzwaymelzway Registered User regular
    They mystery tour thred is up if anyone is interested. No destinations determined yet but this year it's fallout 4 theme so you can submit ideas.

  • PhanPhan Registered User new member
    I'll also be going solo, if anyone wants to hang out. I'll be volunteering with Cool Mini or Not, and in my free time, I'll probably be in the tabletop or League of Legends sections.

  • robirexrobirex BostonRegistered User regular
    Phan wrote: »
    I'll also be going solo, if anyone wants to hang out. I'll be volunteering with Cool Mini or Not, and in my free time, I'll probably be in the tabletop or League of Legends sections.

    I'll see you at the tabletop area bud. I'll be heading over to the harpoon brewery at some point during the weekend. If anyone wants to meet up over there let me know.

  • LlewellynLlewellyn Brooklyn, MDRegistered User regular
    I'm 36, and this will be my second PAX East. I will be solo again this year. Last year I only had a Friday pass, but still ended up having to make some last minute changes and fly up Wednesday night so I had some free time (thanks, blizzard - and not the gaming company!). That actually turned out to be a really good thing, as I looked up some events on here and pretty much ended up hanging out with community members or being at public events the entire time I wasn't actually inside PAX. I met some really cool people, and got to see a lot of Boston that I had not seen before.

    This year, I'm flying up on Wednesday again, on purpose, and have tickets for all three days. I'm signed up for some of the same events I went to last year because they were so much fun, and I came on here tonight to look for community related stuff to fill in the gaps. I don't have any plans for most of Thursday during the day, so I was hoping there would be a good romp all over town again (and it looks like there is - spread over two days, even!).

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  • FootyJediFootyJedi Worcester, MARegistered User new member
    Third PAX East and staying at the Towneplace Suites Boston Logan mid 30s here. Went solo and met up with some local friends at the show last year. This year going solo and staying closer even though I am local. :) Always up to meeting new people! :)

  • sylvanknollsylvanknoll Registered User new member
    This is my 4th PAX and my crew is not attending this year. I'll be solo but am HOPING to make some friends and maybe grab a drink or two in the downtime. Very social guy here and pretty good with the ladies. Anyone want to meetup to say hi? I have Friday and Saturday passes.

  • 13thVoice13thVoice Registered User regular
    This will be my second PAX solo but my first in the USA so I doubt I'll run into people I know more than once during the weekend.
    I'm open for whatever and play ingress so will be hunting down some UPCs and UPVs
    I land Wednesday evening and will be staying somewhere near the airport
    Keen to meet some cool people and make some new friends and visit some bars and have some drinks

  • millerm277millerm277 Registered User regular
    I'll also be solo this year. 24/M, and this is my fifth time attending East.

    I usually attend a bunch of panels, especially the sort that are more about the state of the industry, bigger concepts, and that sort of thing. Ex: I've loved the State of Game Reviewing and Romance in Games panels in previous years. I'm also a fan of Mass Effect and have in previous years spent a lot of time at the Bioware Base (RIP).

    Otherwise, I try to get out to breakfast at Trident at least once, and a good dinner somewhere, along with a party or some bars. I've spent a lot of time in Boston and miss it, so I try to get out a bit while I'm here. Staying at the Westin this time around, so that should be nicer than my arrangements in the past.

    I met some cool people off this thread last year and I'm hoping to again. Waiting on panel lines, the nightlife, etc are always more entertaining with other people, so drop me a note if it sounds like you've got similar plans for your PAX!

  • coflroptercoflropter Registered User regular
    22M here.

    Will be doing PAX solo Friday only. I don't really have any plans yet. Gonna check out the floor, and I still need to make a schedule of pannels I want to see.

    Here's the less than stellar part. I broke my ankle two weeks ago, and have a walking boot. I can certainly walk, and standing for long periods of time is ok too. So, if you're looking for someone to hang out with on Friday, and don't mind walking along at a painfully slow pace, I'm your man! (I will be attempting to get a medical badge on recommendation from some of the great people on this forum, so at least I have that!)

    PS. I love beer.

  • corsevcorsev Registered User regular
    Anyone want to get dinner tonight

  • Mr. FezMr. Fez Registered User new member
    Hello! I am a random idiot with a fez! Perhaps you saw me today (Friday,) being very random all over the place? Maybe not! Either way, I have done my past two PAXs solo, and, while I have enjoyed myself plenty, everything is always more fun with a buddy to share the experience with!
    I have already explored most everything, and am quite open to really doing whatever! My tastes vary vastly, so I'll definitely enjoy whatever you want to do!
    18 Male, A cool Dude?

  • FunnelKing27FunnelKing27 Registered User regular
    Soo whats going on with the lone rangers tonight?
    Trying to find something to do.

  • SutibunRiSutibunRi Montreal, Quebec, CanadaRegistered User regular
    Anything interesting going on tonight?

  • wartjr2373wartjr2373 Registered User regular
    After the Omegathon I'll probably try to grab a table in the Westin mezzanine (if the hotel allows it) and play some tabletop games I've been lugging around. If anyone's into that.

  • robirexrobirex BostonRegistered User regular
    wartjr2373 wrote: »
    After the Omegathon I'll probably try to grab a table in the Westin mezzanine (if the hotel allows it) and play some tabletop games I've been lugging around. If anyone's into that.

    I am going to head down in a bit to try and grab a spot myself if they're still available. If you're around and not doing anything come over. Going to bring Exploding Kittens, Bad Medicine, Truths Too Terrible and Drunk Quest. I had more games upstairs though if anyone wants to borrow. I have Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Resistance, Dead of Winter and Pandemic.

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