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*Note: and yes, we mean any sort of question, especially if it's not covered by the FAQ. Please do NOT make a new thread to ask your question, just post it here. It will be answered. If there's another thread that is topical to your question already, that might be a good place to ask it as well, but this is a catch-all for the many many questions that don't need their own multi-page thread for a topic.

This thread is a place for people to ask questions, and for the PAX experienced to provide answers (and some general PAX wisdom). Please keep focused on the Q&A nature of this thread.


When: TBD! We think April 22-24th but this is not yet officially confirmed.

Where: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston MA

Wikipedia wrote:
The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is an annual gamer festival held in Washington. PAX was created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the authors of the Penny Arcade webcomic, because they wanted to attend a show that gave equal attention to video gamers, computer gamers, and tabletop gamers. No such show existed, so PAX was born.

Created in 2004, PAX has doubled in size each successive year until it started taking over the Cites of Seattle, Boston, Melbourne, and San Antonio.

All of the information found in this FAQ plus many more interesting tidbits and guides can be found on our PAX Community Wiki

Penny Arcade
PAX East Official Website

What this forum is: This forum is for the discussion of PAX East and for interacting with the PAX East community. Many folks use it for finding people to carpool or caravan with, finding people to split the cost of a hotel room, and general questions and information about PAX as well as community events and gatherings.

Click here for the Official PAX East FAQ

Without further ado, here's the community-based FAQ

Table of Contents

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    General Stuff (top)

    HOW DO I FIND ANYTHING IN THIS FAQ?!? give me the tl;dr!
    Use the Table of Contents! Use search! If you still can't find the answer to your question, ask it in the thread!

    When will <this thing I need to know about> be announced?
    Soon! Don't expect any definite announcements any sooner than 3-4 weeks before PAX. Don't expect a final schedule and show map until about two weeks before PAX. If you're curious if your favourite game developer, journalist, internet personality is going to be there, shoot them an e-mail and ask, because if it hasn't been announced, we don't know either.

    How do I register for PAX?
    Registration will be open on the PAX East website. Follow http://twitter.com/official_pax for the announcement of when registration goes up!

    What types of passes will be available?
    We're not sure yet! PAX Prime did away with full weekend passes this year in favor of individual day passes for each day only. PAX South still had 3-day passes for 2016! Time will tell!

    Do the PAX passes have my name on them?

    It's after March 1st, if somehow I managed to order my ticket this late and it wasn't sold out, where do I pick it up?
    Head to Will Call/Registration at PAX to pick them up!

    I’m from outside of the US and I did not choose a shipping option, where do I pick up my pass?
    Head to Will Call/Registration at PAX to pick them up!

    Can I apply to be an Enforcer and help out at PAX?
    If more enforcers are needed, an announcement will be made with a link to the application on the PAX East site.

    What are the hours of PAX?
    Friday - 10am - 12am
    Saturday - 10am - 12am
    Sunday - 10am - 7pm
    Friday - 10am - 6pm
    Saturday - 10am - 6pm
    Sunday - 10am - 6pm

    What does BYOC stand for?
    Bring Your Own Computer. This is a large LAN party within PAX! You can purchase a BYOC badge in addition to your admission badges in order to bring your gaming computer and get playing!
    Hint! Follow http://twitter.com/official_pax for updates on the BYOC room AND for updates when BYOC passes go on sale!

    I bought a BYOC pass but now I don't want it! Where can I sell it??
    You have two choices. BYOC passes are being mailed out along with regular passes. You can either give it to a friend or you can ask for a refund, email pax_questions@paxsite.com

    What is the EXPO floor like?
    The exhibition hall is full of all sorts of exhibitors and vendors. There are upcoming games, and hardware showcased as well as things for sale from games, to guides, to t-shirts, to dice. Prices are comparable with standard retail pricing, or a little cheaper, even. Also, there are sometimes free shirts and other swag being handed out by various companies.

    The ticket says the Exhibit Hall closes at 6pm but the Event stays open until 12AM. Does this mean there will be actual things happening and things to look at until 12AM or does it just mean people are allowed to co-mingle in the building until they close the doors at 12AM?
    Once you hit the later hours, the Expo Hall will be shut down. However, you'll still have the Concerts, Panels, Console/PC Freeplay, Handheld Lounge, Tabletop Area, BYOC, etc. In previous years, there have sometimes been movie/webisode screenings fairly late as well. Basically, it's "Make your own fun with people" time!

    How do we transfer tickets? I bought a registration and BYOC pass, but recently found out I won't be going, and have a friend who wants to buy my tickets from me, but neither of us have any idea how to get the ticket to be transferred.
    BYOC ticket registration is sometimes done differently than the main PAX passes, look to the eventual BYOC thread for your answer. For general admission passes you just have to mail it to the person when they are shipped out. If you would like to actually officially transfer the ticket it may not be possible anymore, and it was a little more involved. If you have or are buying tickets that must be picked up at will call, email pax_questions@paxsite.com

    I have moved since buying my PAX passes. How do I change my address information to ensure that my passes get mailed to my current address and not my previous address?
    First, you should submit a change of address through the USPS. This will ensure all mail sent to your previous address is sent to your current address. Once you've done that, log in to My Tickets at Showclix. If you didn't already have an account, one was created for you using the email address you used during registration. Use the forgot password link to get your password and then log in. Once you've logged in you will be able to edit your address as long as it's before the address cut-off deadline. The deadline is usually around a month prior to PAX. Email pax_questions@paxsite.com for the exact address cut-off date. Lastly, email pax_questions@paxsite.com to let PAX know about the change of address as well. This will cover all your bases.

    I didn’t receive my PAX Badges in the Mail!! What do I do?
    If you live outside of the US, or you purchased your pass after the cut off date for badges to be mailed, you will need to pick up your badge at Will Call using your confirmation number AND a valid piece of photo ID. If your badge really is lost in the mail, email pax_questions@paxsite.com and they will take care of you. Generally they will tell you to keep waiting unless it's within a week prior to the actual PAX dates.

    I have my badge; do I need the paper ticket with the bar-code on it?
    Nope! You’re good to go.

    I really don't want to lose my badge! Any tips?
    YES! use this style loop with the provided lanyards for extra security if the clip seems weak or ineffectual

    Will there be WiFi accessible at PAX?
    Maybe? The BCEC has had free wifi available; however it’s been spotty at best in years past. We don’t recommended relying on BCEC wifi being any good.

    Are there iphone/android apps for pax?
    Yes! The official Guidebook app will be linked via http://east.paxsite.com once the schedule is released.

    Are there going to be a ton of people this year?
    There's going to be a ton of people.

    Will just one day will be enough PAX?
    No matter who you ask on this forum, we're all going to say no. If you don't want to believe us, that's fine, but when you get to PAX for that one day and realize you could have had three days of that, you're going to regret not buying the whole weekend.

    I'm disabled/ have a mobility impairment/ use a wheelchair, how easy will it be to get around PAX?
    No problem, apply for a medical pass, and you get special accommodation getting into panels and the like. You can apply for a pass for yourself and a +1 so you can have someone help you. To register, email pax_questions@paxsite.com

    I'm lost, alone and terribly scared! What Do?
    Help is never far! Cast your gaze upon the crowd and look for awesome people wearing shirts that say ENFORCER on the back. They can direct you to where to go and provide any help you need. In addition to finding an Enforcer, the AFK lounge may be just what you need.

    I have an amazing idea for a panel!! Who should I contact?!?
    If you just have an idea email pax_panels@paxsite.com with your pitch! If you actually want to run your own panel head over to east.panels.paxsite.com with your proposal. If accepted you and your participants will receive a complimentary Speaker Pass for PAX East 2016. Good luck!

    Just how BIG is PAX?
    It's HUGE!!

    I was expecting to get my badge in the mail and all I received is this bobcat? Wut??

    Bobcat is working as intended.

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    LINES (top)

    How early should I get in line each day?
    Getting in line is something that should be decided by YOU, so many of us can't tell you exactly when you should show up.
    However, I would recommend getting in line fairly shortly after the doors open. If not, then feel free to show up whenever you wake up.
    If you are the more social geek, I would highly recommend getting in line as soon as you can.
    The people are what make PAX, and there is no better way to meet/converse/trade pokemans with these people than being in line. Remember, you are all there showing your love for games in some way, shape or form, so feel free to strike up a conversation with the person next to you!
    However, if you end up befriending these people, I would highly suggest getting their contact info, as I have lost many potential friends this way, watching the people I just spent 3 hours with in line fade off into the crowd of gamers.

    NOTE: doors to the building don't open until 8am!

    My Gods! The Lines! The Crowded Crowded Lines! What do I do about the Lines?
    Whichever venue PAX is in, on whatever coast in whosoever dimension, Crowding is almost omnipresent. Recent PAXes have sold out weeks in advance, and the various convention centers have been unable to contain their awesomeness in a roomy manner. There are lines for almost everything, including lines in order to get into lines (I'm talking to you, Merch line PAX East). There is little you can do to avoid them.

    Neither is there a hard and fast rule for when you need to get in line for a panel or event, as it depends on demand for the individual panel, as well as what day of the Con it's on, what's going on at the same time, and whether Wil Wheaton is involved in any way. For most Panels an hour beforehand is quite sufficient, and you might be able to get away with 30 minutes, if you're lucky. The Make A Strip Panel, any Wil Wheaton Panel, and Scott Kurtz are likely to require a little more time. If you want to get into the keynote on Friday, you'll need to arrive at the convention center when it opens at 8:00am, and go straight to the Main Theatre line up.

    Advice for surviving the lines
    • Relax - Lines happen. Getting angry, impatient or upset will not make them go away. Before you line up, decide whether spending this time is worth it, and then simply go with it. Take the time to plan the rest of your day, read the forums or, better yet, refer to the bottom entry in this list.
    • Follow http://twitter.com/PAX_Lines !! This feed updates constantly about how full lines are around the convention.
    • Plan Ahead and Prioritise - Unfortunately there is no chance that any one person can experience everything PAX has to offer, and any five people would have their work cut out for them. When you're looking at which panels or events to go to, choose a few select things you absolutely can't miss and spend the time in line to make sure you get in. When looking at the timetable try to mentally add queue times to the beginning of each session, to get a more realistic idea of what you can and can't see.
    • Queue Responsibly - Don't impede walkways. If an enforcer asks you to move, he's not taking away your place in line, just trying to consolidate it into something more manageable and less in the way.
    • Get comfortable - If sitting on a hard surface or standing for extended periods of time causes you discomfort, you might want to consider bringing a cushion or potentially applying for a medical badge. Unfortunately, chairs or beanbags can't be provided because they would hamper evacuation in the event of fire.
    • I need to pee - That's not a problem. Just ask your friendly line neighbour to hold your place, and go. Try not to leave it until the doors open, and DO NOT open your DS or check your Facebook whilst enthroned. If you want to be super prepared, check to see where the nearest restroom is before you get in line, and visit it before you settle down to wait. Also, don't dehydrate yourself just in order to hold your place in line.
    • Enjoy the lines - Seriously. There are few places in the world where the next random person standing next to you is likely to be friendly, and instantly grok your rim-shot Monty Python reference, Trade you that last Pokemon, or finally explain THAC0 to your satisfaction. Take your Magic deck, DS, Zombie Dice, Travel Catan and a bottle of water, and hang out with some interesting people for a while.

    There are of course some people who find it impossible to wait in line for any reason. If you have a medical condition which precludes lines, talk to the enforcers, who may well be able to accommodate you. If you are simply temperamentally unsuited to waiting, or don't want to take the time to do so, there are ways to enjoy yourself at PAX without waiting around. Many freeplay areas, especially Tabletop, can easily be navigated without having to wait at all, or with a simple sign-up sheet. Large portions of the expo halls also, and the Concerts have generally been accessible 20 minutes or so after the line has gone in. Play tests for the major developers are essentially impossible to get into You may need to sit or stand nearer to the back of the hall, but if you hate lines you probably aren't all that fond of mosh pits either. Not all the sessions fill up to capacity, especially later in the con. As long as you avoid the big ticket sessions, and are prepared for disappointment, you may simply be able to ask the enforcers on the door if there is any space inside.

    Are the theatres cleared in-between panels / concerts?
    YES! Except for a few back to back panels in the main theatre (ie, the Keynotes goes right into the first PA Q&A) all theatres are cleared out between panels.

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    Concerts (top)


    I heard the concerts were loud. Is this true?
    Yes, and maybe. It's all relative, but the concerts can get pretty loud. It's a big space, with a lot of people, and everyone wants to be able to hear, right?

    Can you turn the volume down? It's hurting my ears!
    No, unfortunately, the volume cannot be turned down; the knobs on all the amps were taken off by sneaky Rock Gremlins. If you think that volume might be an issue, we suggest this time-tested concert junkie trick: bring a set of earplugs to help muffle the sound. Convenient personal sound dampening, available in several fun colors! Make sure you get "musician's earplugs" or "high-fidelity earplugs". These are earplugs with channels in them that attenuate all frequencies equally. Basically, they just make everything you hear quieter, without changing how it sounds. These can be found on Amazon for about $10.

    Also I believe enforcers now carry earplugs to give to attendees during concerts if needed. Don't RELY on this, but it's probably a good backup.

    How do the concerts work?
    Much like everything else at PAX, concerts are first come, first served. However, please don't attempt to line up for them more than a reasonable time prior to the start of the concerts. Ask an enforcer in the area where the concerts will be taking place and they can tell you when you will be allowed to start lining up.

    What happened to concert wristbands?
    Wristbands have been done away with in favour of the new first come first serve system.

    How Late do the concerts go?
    Concerts are scheduled to end around 2330-midnight though sometimes they can run a tad late.

    Where will the concerts be?!?
    In the Main Theatre on the 3rd floor of the BCEC

    What is the schedule for bands performing?
    To be determined. This will be updated as soon as this information becomes available.

    When should I show up to see performance X?
    The Main Theatre has a very high capacity during concerts, as well as a higher turnover than during panels. More often than not, you can simply walk right in. However, to be safer, for any given band, you should attempt to show up around a half an hour to an hour before they are scheduled to start (earlier if you want to be toward the front).

    What happens if the theatre fills up?
    Enforcers do take count of attendance, and new admission will be temporarily denied if the theatre is full. However, concerts tend to have high turnover, and new people will be allowed in on a roughly 25-out, 25-in schedule.

    Are there medical badge accommodations for concerts?
    Absolutely! Just like with any other panel, if you show up before the line is capped, anyone with a medical badge will be allowed in early to find a seat.

    What is the policy on moshing?
    Please don’t do it. PAX concerts are intended to be a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone. Moshing is not fun for everyone, and puts people at risk. If any violent or aggressive behavior is witnessed in the crowd, you will be asked to stop by an Enforcer. Repeated action will result in a minimum of removal from the concerts. We simply ask that you control yourself and allow EVERYONE around you to have a good time!

    Is food allowed in the concerts?
    This is venue determined I believe. I would guess that the general policy is no, but ask an enforcer at the concerts to find out for sure!

    What if I see something potentially hazardous or have other questions/concerns?
    This is the same at concerts as with anywhere else in PAX: talk to an Enforcer! Enforcers are friendly, and they are there to help and to do their best to make sure you have a great PAX experience.

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    Merch Booth (top)

    The PA merch booth has ITEM X that I really really really want. When should I get it?
    As soon as you can. Typically this means Friday morning on your way to the queue line. If what you want is guaranteed to be in limited supply (like the exclusive pins, merch hats, or uncommonly sized tee shirts) get it first.

    What will be for sale at the official merch booth?
    The PA booth generally stocks a healthy supply of the books , the most popular tee shirts from the website in sizes S-4XL for men and S-2XL for babydoll, some other items limited items such as merch hats and select hoodies (hats are one size, hoodies are unisex sizes S-3XL), and of course the coveted, limited PAX-specific goodies such as tee shirts and/or scarves.

    This info could be out of date, however. Email merch@penny-arcade.com for up to date information on the next pax if you can't wait till we get there to find out.

    Will there be a PAX exclusive item?
    Maybe. Follow Official_PAX on twitter and they may give sneak peeks!

    The merch line is longer than longcat! When will it die down?
    There may be a lull on Sunday afternoon, when much of the stock is depleted. Don't worry! The line moves quick and it's a good way to meet other people with pokewalkers/magic cards/beach balls/THAT THING YOU LIKE.

    Why is ITEM X sold out?! I really wanted it!
    A lot of other people wanted it too. Brian the Awesome Merch Master Guy does his best to estimate demand, but he is a genuine meat human. If you really want ITEM X, buy it early and don't wait until the end of the show. If it is not PAX-specific, you can probably find it on the PA Merch website.

    I waited in line for a half hour and NOW you're telling me you don't have ITEM X? Sad Boosh.
    This happens sometimes. It could be it sold out while you were waiting in line. It might have been the guy in front of you. It might have been 10 minutes after opening on Friday (in which case there will hopefully be a sign posted). Don't fret. There is plenty of other stuff for you to get. Think ahead and have a Plan B of How To Spend Your Money.

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    Tournaments (top)

    When do I sign up for tournaments?
    Tournament registration is Friday or Day of. Look out for each departments Tournament thread for specific information when it gets close to PAX. If there's no thread for the tournament type you are interested in, head to that department asap when you get to pax to get the information! Get there early, most tournaments fill up within an hour or two of PAX opening.
    Hint! Follow http://twitter.com/PAX_tourney for more tournament information!

    Will x tournament or event be happening at PAX?
    Possibly, announcements will be made about 3-4 weeks prior to PAX. Keep an eye on the forums for details! each department that does tournaments will usually make its own post about said tournaments and their rules.

    What is the Omegathon?
    The Omegathon is a grueling test of "skill" in which 32 randomly selected pre-registered attendees will battle for an amazing prize! They mostly make them play crazy games like Mario Kart, Bananagrams, and Operation for their amusement. If you are not selected to be an Omeganaut, it's still a lot of fun watching and enjoying their torment!

    How do I become an Omeganaut?
    As of the last couple paxes, those who are eligible to opt-in for the Omegathon get an email with opt-in instructions. Then you just have to hope you are one of the lucky people to get a call from Penny Arcade saying you are in. Please NOTE: if you do not get a phone call from a Penny Arcade employee asking you to be an Omeganaut, then you are not an Omeganaut. There are only 32 for PAX East!

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    Should I Bring my Children to PAX? (top)

    PAX is open to all ages, and many parents choose to bring their children and infants, but before you haul little Timmy and Amanda down to the show floor, a few things to consider:

    - PAX is LOUD. Little ears tend to be sensitive, so take this into consideration if your child doesn't like noisy environments.

    - PAX is CROWDED. People don't tend to look down; be prepared to keep the little ones from being stepped on if they're on the shorter side. This is true of any crowd situation, not just PAX. You will need to be aware of all people at all times. Also, strollers are not permitted on the show floor at any time.

    - PAX breeds GERMS. Again, true of all crowded/convention situations. PAX Prime '09 saw a fairly large outbreak of H1N1 and other flu strains; keep this in mind before exposing any little ones that might be in concern categories for illness.

    - PAX is full of SWEARING. The typical demographic of PAX, while fairly diverse, does contain a large number of younger people with a tendency swear. Profusely. About everything. If language is a concern for you, be aware that epithets are a time-honoured PAX tradition, and will be overheard everywhere.

    - PAX is FREE for kids 6 and Under. Conversely, PAX is FULL PRICE for kids 7 and older. So, budget accordingly.

    Now, taking everything into consideration, it's up to you! A little planning ahead and your kids can have just as much fun at PAX as everyone else! Just be aware what hurdles there may be, and prepare appropriately!

    I'm under 18. Will I be able to get into a panel for/play the demo of <insert M-Rated game here>?
    It is convention wide policy to follow the ESRB ratings, even if your parents/guardians are present. Be aware that some exhibitors may ask you for your ID.
    It should also be noted that there is no way for a minor's guardian to allow the minor to play/view M-Rated content without the guardian physically present for the content; there is no "permission form" or similar thing available. Also, some exhibitors might still not allow minors to view their M-Rated content with the guardian present.

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    Travel (top)

    I'm flying to PAX, how soon should I book my flight?
    6-8 weeks before your date of travel seem to be the "sweet spot" of prices. However, keep an eye on prices with sites like http://www.kayak.com/ and you can figure out the best price for your flight from there.

    Is it safe to put your DESKTOP PC into an airplane? Can you check it with your airline carrier and see it in once piece at it's destination? Can you ship it to your hotel safely and timely? What other alternatives are there?
    The safest way is driving it and bringing it with you. The next safest is taking it and having it professionally packed, lots of Styrofoam and bubble wrap and shipping it one of the quicker (2-3 day) options as opposed to the 6 day or so ground transport. The absolute worst way is on an airplane. First, it's going to cost you since just about everyone is charging for bags now, second, chances are TSA is going to open whatever you have it carefully packaged in and third, baggage handlers hate you.

    What should I bring with me to PAX?
    CatBoy wrote:
    I better get this in just so everyone is kinda prepared and in the know of what to bring to PAX or any con that may come their way. (I'm sorry for the huge post, but a lot of people don't know what to bring.)

    The Top Twenty Items Forgotten by Convention Attendees Checklist
    1. Personal Towel (We know the hotel provides them, but if you're sharing a room with several people, this guarantees you your very own towel. Also, if you plan on using a lot of makeup for a costume or dying your hair *and* use hotel towels, you will be charged a hefty fee for damaging hotel property. Please bring your own towels if you plan to do this.) You may also dip the ends in liquid vitamins and suck on the corners when needed.

    * A pretty cool tip involving this is bringing a small clothespin with your name on it to attach to your towel so people can differentiate between yours and theirs. In fact, bring a couple, so you can share with people.

    2. Shampoo and Conditioner (Again, the hotel provides these, but the bottles are quite small. Bringing your own ensures you will have some, especially if you use a lot of shampoo or have long hair.)

    3. Toothbrush and Toothpaste (You'd be amazed at what going three days without brushing tastes like. Gross.)

    4. Deodorant (If you don't bring and use this, don't be surprised when people start edging away from you in packed rooms and theaters. Don't forget the strange looks and cringed noses you'll begin to see.)

    5. Razor and Shaving Cream/Gel

    6. Comb and/or Hairbrush (some people do use both. You'd be surprised.)

    7. One shirt for each day of the convention, plus an extra. (3 days = 4 shirts)

    8. Pants (Same number as shirts.)

    9. Underwear (3 sets, plus an extra.)

    10. Socks (One pair per day plus an extra pair.)

    11. Swimsuit (You never know.)

    12. Jacket or warm sweater

    13. Shoes (If you plan on spending a lot of time dancing or on your feet, make sure you have comfortable shoes with you. Your feet will hurt if you don't have comfy shoes to at least change into.)

    14. Any prescribed medication (Make sure to tell your traveling companions/roommates about any medical needs you may have.)

    15. Tylenol/Aspirin/etc

    16. Photo ID / Driver's License / Checkbook / Car keys

    17. A phone card (Not only is this cheaper than having calls charged to your hotel room, but having several people using one phone can lead to billing confusion with long distance calls. Bring a phone card so you can let your parents/significant other know you made it to the con safely.)

    18. An extra pillow and blanket if several people are staying in your room.

    19. Some non-perishable food from a supermarket (Like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, pretzels and bottled water or juice. While there are a lot of restaurants close by, this is an easy way to save money. In addition, you'll be able to have your midnight snack without leaving your room.)

    20. Your best public manners. (You'd be surprised how many people forget to bring these along.)

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    Hotels (top)

    What Hotels are available for booking?
    At this time, Unknown! Once hotel registration is live, this will be updated with a link to that information!

    How do I get the PAX discount on my hotel room?
    All information on hotels offering a PAX discount will be available at PAX Hotel Site
    All pricing given is per night

    How much do the hotels cost?
    Until the hotel website goes live, we don't know. However in the past hotel prices have ranged from $180-$250 per night. If you are driving to Boston, be aware that hotels will charge you for parking. This ranges from $30-$50 a night.

    What days can you book for at the discounted rate?
    Depends on the hotel! Some have from Tuesday Check-in - the following Wednesday Check-Out (note: There are more rooms available for Fri-Mon than other days)

    Do they charge my credit card when I reserve my room?
    It depends on the hotel; most only use your credit card to hold the room. When you check in, they put a hold on the card you present them at that time for the amount of your stay and when you check out they charge that, plus any billable charges (phone calls, pay per view, room service) to your card at that time. Some hotels have started requiring a deposit equal to one night's stay. If this is the case, it should be clearly noted on the hotel's website.

    How far away are the hotels from the convention center?
    This information can be found when booking through the OnPeak pax hotel site!

    How many people can stay in one hotel room?
    Most hotels allow four, however be aware when you reserve a room with four people per room, they tack on an additional charge. You choose the expected occupancy of the room when you book.

    When/where should I book my hotel
    As soon as at PAX hotel site opens registration. Sooner the Better! Watch the forums & http://twitter.com/official_pax for when this happens.

    What time is check in at these hotels?
    Most hotels have check in at around 3-4pm. If you're going to be arriving in town later in the evening or at night, be sure to let the hotel know when you make your reservation. If you are arriving early, most hotels will hold your luggage if you want to see the city before check-in time

    I want to find people to share my hotel room, or find people to room with! what should I do?
    Once Hotel Registration goes live, a “Room Share” Thread will be posted.

    Is there any way for me to confirm that the Hotel got my booking and it’s correct?
    Yes! About 2 weeks before PAX, the hotel booking service On Peak will transfer its bookings to the Hotels. Once that’s done you can call the hotel directly and confirm your reservation. This is highly recommended as sometimes OnPeak makes mistakes and it’s better to correct these a couple weeks before PAX vs the day you try to check in.

    zerzhul on
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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited November 2015
    Boston (top)

    Oh God, I can't leave! I might miss something important! But, what is this land you call... this land?!

    Everybody coming to Boston may not necessarily be a resident. Don't be afraid to take time away from the convention with your new-found friends, check out a restaurant or two, poke down to whatever sites of local interest there are - look into joining one of the community gatherings, it may take you into the city to find things you wouldn't know about otherwise.

    What's the weather like in Boston during PAX?
    Expect anything. In early April, you can get the full spectrum from a blizzard to 75f (23c) degrees and sunny to 50f (10c) degrees and pouring rain.

    Having said that, however, it tends towards 40-60f (4.5c -15c) degrees during daylight hours, and is usually either overcast or drizzling. Since you'll be inside most of the time, it won't be too bad if there's a blizzard or a hurricane. The public transportation keeps going throughout all weather.

    Is there any free parking near the BCEC?
    No. Any parking that doesn't have any obvious signs is probably for patrons of the local businesses; you run a large risk of getting towed if you park in unmarked spots. (This part of Boston is unusually good at parking signs, so this shouldn't be a problem.)

    How much does it cost to park?
    Parking in the BCEC event parking (highly recommended if you're driving) is around $10 a day. There is extensive and official parking information located here. However, if you're flying in, don't bother renting a car: the public transportation in Boston (usually called the T) is extensive and much more reliable than the traffic.

    Where can I get something to eat near the BCEC?
    Short answer: inside the BCEC. There's a built in food court, and there will likely be other sources of (admittedly overprices) snacks around. As the area around the BCEC is starting to fill in, there are more options than in years past. There's now a Jimmy Johns on D street, for example.

    Long answer: If you are really adventurous, and feel like walking more than 10 minutes away, there are some good options. Cheap food is rare: there's a 7-11 down by the Seaport World Trade Center (see directions below); there's also a takeout pizza place called Sal's -- there's also a restaurant, but you want the take-out pizza place that's attached to it. If you want a slightly more expensive taste of Boston, one of Legal Sea Foods test kitchens (LTK) is nearby - this is slightly less expensive than the full-blooded Legal (it costs $$$ instead of $$$$), and the food is just as good.

    (Directions for all three: walk across the bridge that faces the BCEC - past the T station, over the street, go down the stairs to your right, exit the doors to your left. For the 7-11: It's directly on your right. For Sal's and LTK, cross the street directly in front of you - under the overpass you just crossed. Turn left, walk a few blocks. The LTK is on a corner, has big black awnings that say "LTK" on them. Sal's is just past that - the takeout place is a glass door with a retractable awning. If you've reached the large light-up "Salvatore's" sign, that's the restaurant entrance; you've gone too far.)

    Where do the parties happen?
    Hotel Rooms and local establishments.

    Is there an age limit on the parties?
    Usually 21+ unless there's no alcohol involved

    How hard is it to get around Boston? Is driving really as horrible as I hear?
    Boston is easy, as long as you take the T. (And have a good idea of where you're going -- see the next section.)

    Driving is a different story. In Boston, we say that our roads were planned by cows - they're narrow, winding, and seemingly randomly placed. If you're coming in via interstate (I-90 aka the Mass Pike or I-93) and going straight to the convention center, you'll be fine. However, don't plan on driving around downtown Boston and not getting lost. Those of us who have lived there all our lives get lost. Even with a GPS; Boston is famous for having closed roads with no detour signs. Many streets are one way, and there are almost no streets that go in straight lines. It could be fun to go on a driving adventure, but if you want to be somewhere on time, it's not a good idea. (Especially if the Red Sox are in town -- then the whole city is one giant parking lot.) Also, the drivers in Boston really are as horrible as you hear. Drive with caution. Let the crazy guy cut you off.

    What is this "T" thing? (RGB's guide to Boston's Public Transit System)
    BCEC's stop is "World Trade Center" on the Silver Lines SL1/SL2/Silver Line Way (leaving from South Station)
    Tickets are called "Charlie Tickets" - stored value cards, a la NYC's MetroCard or Seattle’s Orca Card
    A one-way fare is $2.65. You can also get a 1-week pass that is good for downtown Boston for around $18
    The airport is on the Silver Line SL1. The bus stops at all 4 terminals.
    Official website is http://mbta.com - it has maps, schedules, and fare information.

    The long version:
    T is short for MBTA - Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. It runs all the public transportation in the city, including busses and high speed boats to Cape Cod. Usually, however, it stands for the infamous underground rapid transit system (known in New York as the Subway, in Paris as the Metro, and in London as the Underground). If you ask a Bostonian where the Subway is, you'll get directed to a sandwich shop. The busses are referred to as "T busses" - the trains are simply called "the T". The logo looks like a T in a circle.

    From the airport to the BCEC (and the nearby hotels): Take the Silver Line SL1 from the airport. Buy your ticket (called a Charlie Ticket) at the machines at the airport - a one way ticket is $2.65. Get on the bus and validate your ticket at the stand next to the driver. There are luggage racks on the airport busses, and the aisles are wide. After you leave the airport (the bus visits terminals ABCE in that order), get off at the second stop - "World Trade Center, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center". Go up the escalators to the top level. Look around - see that giant hulking building (most likely to your left)? That's the BCEC.

    From the airport to your hotel somewhere else: take a look at the hotel's website. Many of them have courtesy shuttles to and from the airport, and they also have public transit directions.

    From the BCEC to South Station (how you get to everywhere else): Walk out the main entrance (off the North Lobby) and walk straight across the bridge ahead of you. Halfway down, there's a T station called World Trade Center. Go down to ground level and buy a ticket if you don't already have one - $2.65 one way (if you're planning on coming back, put $5.00 on your Charlie Ticket - they're stored value cards akin to NYC's MetroCard). You can transfer to other lines and trains going the same direction, as well as busses, for free. (After a certain amount of time, it charges you another fare - more than an hour at least.) Head inbound on any bus, and get off at South Station (the terminal stop for these busses). South Station is in the middle of the Financial District.

    From South Station to the BCEC: Follow the signs to Silver Line SL1/SL2/Airport. Get on any bus (SL1, SL2, Silver Line Way) and get off at the second stop - "World Trade Center, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center". Go up the escalators to the top level. Look around - see that giant hulking building (most likely to your left)? That's the BCEC.

    From South Station to Park Street (the hub station below the Boston Common): Hop on any inbound Red Line train. Get off at the second stop (Park Street).

    Hey, I got here early/am staying late, and I want to see some cool things in Boston! Where should I go and how do I get there?
    First, if possible, join the magical mystery tour with some of your fellow paxers. Keep a look out for that thread about 4-6 weeks before PAX. It’s run by awesome fourmers people who will show you a whole bunch of amazing sites

    However, if you want to set out on your own adventure, some highlights include: the Boston Common (a large public park) -- follow the directions to get to Park Street Station above. Duck tours (a land/water motorized tour bus Boston is famous for) leave from the science museum and the Prudential Center. (To Museum of Science Boston: from Park Street, take a Green Line train towards Lechmere to the Science Park stop. To the Prudential Center: from Park Street take a Green Line E train towards Heath Street to the "Prudential" stop.) The Mapparium (http://www.marybakereddylibrary.org/exhibits/mapparium) is a giant globe made of glass you walk through - directions are easily found at the above site.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
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    Social (top)

    I'm above the average age of 26 by a decade or more. Will I be the oldest person there?
    No, plenty of the post-20s gaming crowd come out to enjoy PAX as well. You are not alone. PAX is geeks reveling in geekery. Age isn't much of a concern.

    PAX was awesome! I want to see everything next year! Should I apply to be an Enforcer?
    Even if an open call for Enforcers for East does happen, Enforcing means that you are likely to see less, not more, of PAX. When considering becoming an Enforcer it's very important to remember that you go from attending PAX for fun to attending PAX for work, and that has certain implications. Rule #2 of Enforcing is: PAX Is Not For Us - it's for Attendees. (Rule #1, of course, is 'Don't be a Dick'.) If you want to see the maximum number of things at PAX, you should consider returning as an Attendee instead of applying to be an Enforcer.

    Should I bring a Nintendo 3DS (or other handheld gaming device) to PAX?
    YES! PAX is a HAVEN for multiplayer handheld gaming, and has near infinite potential for things like Nintendo's Streetpass.

    Is anybody going to be doing anything before PAX opens/after PAX closes or ends?
    Yes, there will be tons of stuff going on, keep an eye on threads in this forum to find awesome stuff to do with other PAX-goers.

    A bunch of people are getting together at an area bar, but I'm under 21. Will I still be able to go and hang out if I'm not drinking?
    Probably not! If you want to know for any specific venue, call that venue.

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    PAX Costume Policies (top)

    All Costume Weapons MUST adhere to the official policy described on the pax east website

    What kind of restrictions on clothing are there?
    Cosplaying attendees may be asked to alter or modify their costume if it is considered overtly sexual. As to what is considered overtly sexual, that's a good question to ask PAX Staff or the pax questions email pax_questions@paxsite.com.

    What about booth babe policies?
    These apply only to staff used by exhibitors to promote their products at PAX. The official policy can be found here: http://east.paxsite.com/safety-and-security#booth-babe-policies

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    I just bought a pass on craigslist / ebay, how do I know if it's legit?
    This really won't apply until after PAX EAST passes go on sale and subsequently sell out, but I wanted to put this out there anyways. If you purchase your pass from a second hand source, you are putting yourself at risk of purchasing a counterfeit pass. Second hand sources also include this forum, which is why there is no buy/sell/trade of pax passes on this forum.

    AT PAX you can have badges verified by badge-checking enforcers outside the show. There is no way to verify a second-hand badge prior to being at PAX.


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    And thus concludes the initial posting of the PAX East 2016 FAQ.

    Please read it and let me know of any mistakes or suggestions for improvements.

    The rest of this thread is for PAX East 2016 Q&A!

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    VGguy49VGguy49 Registered User regular

    Also I asked this on another post but I am going to ask again. In the past I know there was an app for computers that monitored Showclix for ticket updates for PAX. Where can I download this, as I don't know if Tweetdeck is loud enough...

    Wishes he could change his username
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    monkoshmonkosh NYCRegistered User regular
    Do you think Boston Marathon made PAX change their "hopeful" dates? It would have been/ will be the closest that the marathon and PAX ever with the marathon Monday before. That is my guess for the date being removed and possible push PAX back to following weekend, April 28 to May 1.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I do not think it has actually moved.

    That is, however, conjecture.

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    Did anyone get a mobile notifacation for that last tweet robert sent out? I got the one for the offical pax do those both tweet out at the same time that tickets are on sale or if i dont get the notifacation from robert am I gonna be screwed?

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    VGguy49VGguy49 Registered User regular
    Official Pax is the one who has tweeted the link to the tickets in the past

    (Speaking of which was anyone else scared by that last tweet?)

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    KaronethKaroneth Elder Scrolling Online Co-Host Lakehurst, NJRegistered User regular
    My TweetDeck is showing that PAX tweeted this afternoon and my phone did alert me, Robert hasn't tweeted in days though.

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    robert tweeted twice this afternoon bout 30 min ago
    now idk how it works were he was responding to someone elses tweet and were he retweeted something do u only get mobile notifactaions when its something themselves post and not a retweet or a response to a convo?

    As far as official pax being the one who has tweeted out the link I always thought that was khoo it was him last year wasnt it at least that is who I got the link from do they both post it at the same time I was always told to follow khoo.

    Will I be ok if I am just getting notifactaions from official pax and not from khoo like will I still be able to get 3 day passes?

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    Karoneth wrote: »
    My TweetDeck is showing that PAX tweeted this afternoon and my phone did alert me, Robert hasn't tweeted in days though.

    yea I got that one just didnt get it when robert did look up for what I mean

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    VGguy49 wrote: »
    Official Pax is the one who has tweeted the link to the tickets in the past

    (Speaking of which was anyone else scared by that last tweet?)

    u sure of this I always was told to follow khoo and he was the one who posted the links

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    VGguy49VGguy49 Registered User regular
    rascrush wrote: »
    VGguy49 wrote: »
    Official Pax is the one who has tweeted the link to the tickets in the past

    (Speaking of which was anyone else scared by that last tweet?)

    u sure of this I always was told to follow khoo and he was the one who posted the links

    I remember getting my link from Offical PAX but it may have been khoo. I have both set up on TweetDeck and should set up Khoo alongside Official PAX (who is already set up) on my iPod. You should still be able to get notifications from both, I think people weren't getting Khoo's since it was a retweet.

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    so retweets and replies to convo's you do not get notifacations for. I have them both set up on tweet deck but prefer my phone ones as its louder lol. Just have been hearing and seeing that a lot of people have been having issues getting notified from khoo on there phone

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    pilferkpilferk Master of Unlocking CTRegistered User regular
    They both do, but in past years, Roberts tweets have gone out first. One year it was almost 5 min earlier.

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    So pretty much need to hope we get them or we are screwed if there is that much of a time dif all 3 days passes would be gone at that point

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    pilferkpilferk Master of Unlocking CTRegistered User regular
    edited November 2015
    That was once, a few years back, but..yeah, pretty much. Usually they go out within a 30 seconds to a minute of each other....

    Of course, all that is assuming that there ARE 3 day passes this year, and not just dailies. I'm not even sure we're gonna try for 3 days this year. Might just do Friday and Saturdays. We ended up skipping Sunday last year (slept in, instead), and only did like 3 hours on Sunday the year before. We'll see how the pricing is this year....if I'm even lucky enough to manage to make it in in time to grab them.

    pilferk on
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    pilferkpilferk Master of Unlocking CTRegistered User regular
    I was just checking history: Looks like LAST YEAR Official_Pax tweeted first..by 15 seconds. Robert RT their tweet 15 seconds after.

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    yea i dont do much sun but for the same price makes it worth it. if they dont do 3 day passes wont be a issue. If they go out at the same time or pretty close shouldnt be a issue guess we will just have to see and hopefully i hear the tweetdeck if it goes off

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    what were the main times to check last year if i remember it was between 8-9est between 12-1est and between 3-5est right? we figured most years they go on sale at 9 12 3 or 4 right cant remember exactly

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
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    VGguy49VGguy49 Registered User regular
    edited November 2015
    rascrush wrote: »
    what were the main times to check last year if i remember it was between 8-9est between 12-1est and between 3-5est right? we figured most years they go on sale at 9 12 3 or 4 right cant remember exactly

    every 1.5 hours, so 9AM, 10:30AM, 12AM, 1:30AM, and 3AM, but it could be anytime so IDK

    VGguy49 on
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    VGguy49VGguy49 Registered User regular
    Any idea when the soon came up last year?

    Wishes he could change his username
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    pilferkpilferk Master of Unlocking CTRegistered User regular
    edited November 2015
    Yeah, we've seen (Pacific time) anywhere from 9 AM to noon. That would be noon to 3 PM Eastern.

    I'd be very surprised to see them go up at 9 AM Eastern (6AM Pacific) or after 6 PM eastern (3 PM Pacific). But anything is possible!

    pilferk on
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    KaronethKaroneth Elder Scrolling Online Co-Host Lakehurst, NJRegistered User regular
    Ras I think it was a couple years ago you and I saw the tweet from Robert before PAX tweeted. But last year I think PAX tweeted first. So it's good to follow both. I think replies don't activate alerts, that explains why I didn't get an alert, unsure why tweetdeck didn't spot it though in my custom list.

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    KaronethKaroneth Elder Scrolling Online Co-Host Lakehurst, NJRegistered User regular
    FYI, the tweet Robert just made appeared in my Tweetdeck and as an alert on my phone. So check and see if it is on yours, if so you are all set as long as you have the PAX one setup as well.

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    yutani sanyutani san MaineRegistered User regular
    I got the Official Pax retweet. Didnt get it from Khoo... checked twitter and it reverted back to turn off alerts! Ugg. This happened to me last year with the official pax. I dont know why it doesnt keep my settings.

    Also.. the Official pax tweet today scared the crap out of me! I was in a meeting for 2 hours straight, without my phone. Check it and my heart sank because I thought I was hours late on the tweet for tickets XD

    Anyone else hate the stress of waiting for tickets? I feel like I cant have a life for the next 2 weeks and Im at a new job and so scared I'll miss the tweet because they make me do so many things away from computer/phone :(

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    rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    yes I got khoo today so hopefully i am good to go.

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    InfiniteNuLLInfiniteNuLL Registered User regular
    That packs badge looks totally legit, where can I get one of those?

    FF14 - Failia Zebonaiza, Behemoth Server, FC: 404 Guild Not Found
    PAX East Attendee - 2015, 2016
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    VGguy49VGguy49 Registered User regular
    So I obviously don't even know if I will be able to go to PAX East yet, since badges aren't on sale yet, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to do an unofficial Smash U or 3DS AMIIBO tournament (if console freeplay has Smash U). I know people wanted to do it last year, but it was never properly organized. I wouldn't be able to organize something like that myself, but I was wondering if someone else wanted to. Also should I make a separate post for this?

    Wishes he could change his username
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