Desktop image on TV now overscanning or something for no apparent reason

Computer uses Intel HD 2500 onboard video to output via HDMI into a Denon HTR and then to my TV (1080P Samsung plasma). Been using it this way to web browse, play videos using VLC, and Youtube for a couple years without issue. Running Windows 8.1 Home.

A couple days back I switch the input to the computer and notice the image looks a little fuzzy. Checking the corners of the desktop it looks like the image is being overscanned by 5-10% on the tv: like the same 1920x1080 desktop now projects past the borders of the screen a bit and the desktop should be pixel perfect and sharpm, but now it is a little fuzzy. Other video sources output to TV (PS3, cable box) not affected.

Things that I've tried that haven't helped: changed the resolution of the desktop to lower res then back to 1920x1080 (using both Windows screen properties and the Intel Graphics utility), rebooting the computer, unplugging and replugging HDMI cable, changing which HDMI input on HTR the computer is connected to, changing which HDMI input on TV the HTR is connected to.

The Intel Graphics tool has a custom scaling option, but when I drop it to 90%x90% or 80%x80% there is still overscan.

I seem to recall a display setting when I ran Win XP or 7 that would do "overscan correction" when I had an RPTV that overscanned over DVI, but I don't see anything like that now.

To note, I recently used TeamViewer at work to remote into this computer. I bring it up because the laptop I was remoting in from has 3200x1800 display and instead of the TV session filling the screen it was windowed. Not sure if it is relevant, but the events coincide. I have removed TeamViewer from the computer (though it was never installed, was using it in "run once" mode).

Any ideas or advice on what I should try?


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