Making friends before PAX South?

CocotinaCocotina Registered User new member
So maybe it's more fun in my head that it would actually be, but I've always wanted to meet online friends IRL. I sort of see PAX South as this opportunity.
Heh, but I have to make some online friends before I can meet them in person.

Would anyone like to talk and get to know each other before PAX? That would definitely make the event more fun once it finally rolls around I think.

I am coming with a group of people but there is just too much appeal in this idea for me to not try!

I know this sounds weird to no end, but would anyone want to be online frans before PAX?


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    Only_TrinityOnly_Trinity Registered User regular
    I am only willing to be someone's friend for a cool 10 grand. That will grant you a lifetime loyalty agreement which includes meeting up online or in person to play video games. I do have a spare contract on me somewhere but will need to update it for this year. Please contact me for further information. :P

    Okay, in reality, this kinda does sound like a fun idea. I have always been looking for a fun community to play games with. Especially on the PC because all of my friends have an Xbox but I can't afford one right now. Im in a frictional situation and it doesn't seem to end too soon.

    But just go ahead and post in here and we can all be friends and sing "Why can't we be friends" while destroying noobs online. Kappa

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    chaosisorderchaosisorder Cupcake Princess and Pinny Whore OregonRegistered User regular
    I would point you here http://paxcommunity.net/irc/

    With basic instructions here http://wiki.paxcommunity.net/paxwiki/IRC

    The channel has been around for... *cough* a while and isn't specific for any one PAX, but large chunks of us are at each PAX and we rarely bite.


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    japesterjapester Registered User regular
    I've met loads of online friends IRL, and it is usually fun (assuming you've gotten to know them pretty well already). I'm always amused by the folks who are big and loud online and turn out to be meek and timid when you actually meet them. Some people let the internet anonymity affect them more than others. :P

    I don't know your PAX history, but I've always suggested that people say hello to the people around them, especially when in line. The PAX crowd is one of the friendliest of any convention group. And it is super-easy to make new friends of all stripes. It's gotten more difficult in the last few years, now that everyone is glued to their phone, off in their own little world. But you can still find people who are looking around, trying to make eye contact. Meeting people is one of my favorite things to do at PAX, and I've been to all of them except AUS.

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    KoopaTroopahKoopaTroopah Registered User regular
    Hey there! My friends and I are going to do bar crawls on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings and we are all about the more the merrier! We could all meet up at a set location and exchange info and have a good time! PAX is all about meeting new friends for me. I had such a blast talking with people and just getting along with just about anyone.

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    ahstoddardahstoddard President-kidnapping Ninja Houston-ishRegistered User regular
    There are always the PAX South Facebook groups, which give you the added benefit of a little light stalking before engaging someone.

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    DanQDanQ Registered User regular
    i've sorta done this with somebody who had a birthday last pax east. was fun. PM if you want. i could always use more board game people, or people to share a beer with. or if nothing else, another person t sign me.

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    Delacroix01Delacroix01 Registered User regular
    This will be my first PAX so I'm down to meet people! On Thursday I'll be doing the barcrawl for A shot of Fire and Ice, and I was thinking on Saturday to do the Indies need booze event.

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    Wzagorski89Wzagorski89 Sinton, TXRegistered User regular
    Hey there! I'm from Sinton and I'll becoming up for PAX South on the 28th - 31st. I'll be happy to meet up, especially if it involves MH4U

    #MonsterHunterXForTheWest , #MH4U 4613-9575-9123 , HR G3 Hunter , Insect Glaive user.
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    unhallowed1014unhallowed1014 Registered User regular
    Me and my gf coming from orlando, fl for our 2nd pax wouldn't mind killing some time at/after the con

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