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Local Co-op/split screen games on PC

VarinnVarinn Vancouver, BCRegistered User regular
Hey all,

Back again with a request that I'm hoping you can all help me figure out. Me and my roomate like to play co-op games, I've got an X360 with a few and we burned through the last game that apparently has a split screen co-op in my collection. I figured I'd see what I had on PC considering I've got two wireless xbox1 controllers working on it now. Sadly, I pretty much found nothing.

I've got a few side scrollers and all that to play with the girlfriend, but it seems every FPS with a fantastic co-op mode on consoles has had it disabled on the PC version. I found a neat looking program that was meant to let us run through Borderlands 2/Pre Seq but it was so full of glitches it was unplayable. Are there any good games out there with native PC support for split screen campaign and two controllers?

Neither of us are looking to invest in a new console, and we could build him another PC but that would sort of defeat the purpose of it all as the fun comes from hanging out with a buddy to play. Not having them on other sides of the house or one of us sitting at a computer desk while the other gets the couch and TV.


  • ArtereisArtereis Registered User regular
    Crawl is an awesome option on Steam for local coop.

  • VarinnVarinn Vancouver, BCRegistered User regular
    I'll check it out, see if it's something we could get into. I'm kinda gathering that there are very few (if any) of the major FPS titles that will support what we're after so we may be stuck looking into other formats it seems

  • urahonkyurahonky Registered User regular
    Yeah unfortunately you're going to have a really hard time finding those kinds of games on the PC. Are you talking strictly FPS games, though? Dungeon Defenders 1 is local co-op and is a blast to play.

  • DeMoNDeMoN Registered User regular
    There's a bunch of games that have co-op if you're willing to play things that aren't shooters. Curses N Chaos and Mercenary kings, Double Dragon Neon, Castle Crashers, Gang Beasts, just to name a few.

    There's even a "local co-op" tag on steam

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