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[Indie Games] So many good indie games, how to find them?

WookieLoveWookieLove Editor - Alternate FireRegistered User new member
Hi folks, long time Penny Arcade reader here - been following since the beginning, but never signed up for the forums before. You can call me Wookie, or David.

As a 32 year old guy with a full-time job, a baby on the way, and part-time school to attend, I find myself gravitating towards shorter games these days (mostly, damn you Witcher 3 for being so awesome). With some exceptions, indie games are a great source for quality gameplay with relatively shorter length.

On top of that, I have a penchant for the indie style and ethic, which I cover in an indie PC gaming focused amateur website that I run. I'm not going to use this post to promote it just yet, as I just got here and would like to contribute a bit first, but I'm sure I'll do plenty of whoring eventually.

The only issue with such a vested interest in indie games is: how the hell do you find out about all of them? A lot of these games are being developed by single-digit teams who no one has ever heard, don't have big publishers advertising their stuff, and not all are as privileged to have been included in this year's indie megabooth or get some viral word-of-mouth going.

I've found Twitter to be a good resource, as indie developers tend to re-tweet each other's stuff as a show of support. Other than that, finding good indie games to keep track of is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, as anyone who has browser Steam Greenlight knows. I also checked out the "Indie Games" forum here on this site, and was surprised to see a relatively low volume of posts. I think there were only four posts initiated for the entire month of October, and no new ones started for November as of yet.

So do we have any indie game fans on these boards, and if so, what's your favored methods of discovering them?


  • WookieLoveWookieLove Editor - Alternate Fire Registered User new member
    If the lack of response to this thread is somehow due to me structuring the post incorrectly, or somehow otherwise blowing an important tradition of the forums, would someone be willing to inform me of the proper etiquette?

    Either that, or you folks just really do not give a shit about indie games.

  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    We have individual threads for indie games, and a whole forum where indie devs can post their games and have people discuss them.

    This is basically a megathread for indie games, which isn't all that kosher.

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