Go Pro & SCUBA - Any advice?

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Hey everyone, any SCUBA divers out there? I'm diving the Great Barrier Reef in December and I want a camera to take with me. I think I've settled on the Go Pro Silver, and I'm hoping to get a good deal Black Friday style.

I'm looking for tips on things like:

1) Red Filters - do I need one?
2) Sounds like the way to go is to use a stick while diving. How hard is this, does it make it awkward getting in/out of the water (boat diving for the most part)?
3) Anything else I should know?


  • SkeithSkeith Registered User regular
    A stick would make it awkward to get in or out, yeah, but you can always pass it to someone.

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    Just got back from Hawaii, and was using my Go Pro while diving reefs there.

    1. You will definitely want a filter for color correction. I didn't have one available, and the colors are washed out a bit.
    2. I let my Go Pro float free, and only activated it when i needed to shoot something. Next time I will get a head mount and let it run the whole dive, then edit later. Missed a couple shots waiting for activation.

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  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    I've never used an underwater camera, but having dove in the past, I'd imagine a head mount would be way easier than a stick.

  • mtsmts Dr. Robot King Registered User regular
    they have chestmounts and other stuff besides the the stick. if you plan ahead you could easily make something

  • dispatch.odispatch.o Registered User regular
    I'd hate to spend all my time trying to get the best camera shot and neglect to actually exist in the present and experience the thing.

    Get a bodycam or headcam.

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    dispatch.o wrote: »
    I'd hate to spend all my time trying to get the best camera shot and neglect to actually exist in the present and experience the thing.

    Get a bodycam or headcam.

    So I'm back now- I went with the stick in the end. With regard to bodycam, I don't think it's a very good idea. If you're spending most of your time floating horizontally the camera will be facing down, even when you might have your head up. Something like this: _______|. I hear the head mounts are good and I might try one in the future. This time I didn't bring enough memory record all 23 (of possible 25) dives that I did over six days.

    In the end I took video of things I found super interesting, and then used camera mode with the camera set to take a picture every 2 seconds. I just let it go, and then stopped to line up anything I found really interesting. I have a lot of pictures to go through now but I think I'll see if I can pay someone to tag all of the good pictures.

    Thanks for all the responses!

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