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Not sure if this should go in this forum, or in the tech one, so I am posting it in both.

I am seeking advice in regards to computer/component help/advice. I am seeking to upgrade my graphics card, it is badly needed as I cannot run Witcher 3 (which I got recently on steam when it was 41.99), even on low settings.

Specs are as follows:

-AMD Phenom II X6 1075T at 3.00GHz (not overclocked yet)
-8 gb RAM
-500W PCU
-5770 graphics

I am looking to spend under $400 on a new graphics card, and have been looking at the 970(since I was told the upgrade from 970 to 980 is not really worth the jump in 150-200 dollars) or the 390X. I have found a couple models that are a 390X with 8gbs. Anybody have any help in regards to this field?

Also, I am seeking to change up my headphones/headset as well. I have the Corsair Vengenace 1300, but the volume in-wire dial is screwed up, the cup wrappings are falling apart, and the audio has begun to start to occasionally crackle. I would like any advice on that area as well, if it is not too much.

Thank you all for reading, and for any advice given.

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