Monitor troubles OR: what's a good new monitor?

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So my monitor is a 26 inch Samsung LED beast that I've been very happy with for a few years now, but all of a sudden it's started turning itself off. Like, frequently. And only when a lot of stuff is happening on screen

It started when I was playing Left 4 Dead 2, enough to be crippling, but when I lowered the resolution, it happened a lot less for some reason. Now it happens tons when I'm playing Elite, and that's a game that requires constant attention, so this has gone from an annoyance I could live with to something that renders certain things functionally impossible

Heck, it happened when I was watching Elite videos on youtube at full screen last night! What the hell is that about?

I'm afraid it might be something to do with my new graphics card, but it's been working fine since July without any issues. The whole computer has! And it's strange, because the monitor very clearly acts like it's turning itself off and back on again--the lights on the capacitive buttons light up all in a row when I turn it off and back on again, and they do the same thing when it shuts off by itself. Then it says DIGITAL in the upper left corner, like it does when I turn it off and back on again

It sounds like it's time for a new monitor to me, but I've done some googling on the subject and for a lot of people that doesn't solve the problem. So I thought I'd ask around first, to make sure there isn't some obvious problem I'm overlooking

For the record, things I have tried are

unplugging and replugging the power and the computer connections
plugging the monitor directly into an outlet instead of the power strip
dusting out the connection on the power brick

I haven't dusted out my computer yet (and it's about due) but I've never had this happen before, not even as a result of dust. All my other graphics cards failed in much more spectacular ways, and in ways that had an effect on the games I tried to play and the things I tried to do. They never affected the monitor!

Anyway. If the solution really is "get a new monitor" what's a good brand? It's Black Friday weekend, I have to imagine they're cheap

UPDATE: I don't know why I thought this would help but I switched from a DVI output (that's the one with the little screws on the side of the plugs right) to an HDMI output

And it still turns off when I'm playing games or doing other heavy visual shit

I also dusted out the inside as best I could with some canned air and that did fuck all too

Sooooo I guess we're back to the question of what's a good monitor I can pick up?

UPDATE AGAIN: turning the refresh rate down to 50hz down from 60 seems to eliminate the issue for Elite... or at least make it a lot less frequent. Going to do some more testing this weekend before I order a new Acer

I've also messed around with the monitor itself--it has a setting for "Response Time" that I wonder is refresh rate? Or latency? It is unclear. That setting doesn't seem to help at all so it probably doesn't matter for this topic but I thought I'd throw it out there anyways

LAST UPDATE PROBABLY: aaaaand it turns out setting the Response Time to Normal instead of Faster or Fastest makes the issue far less frequent. It's still something I'm worried about, so I'm going to order that new monitor, but it makes things playable until then

I still don't know what thing does, even after some googling, or why it seems to affect this issue, or whether or not a new monitor will really help, or why it seemed using HDMI and setting the refresh rate lower in-game seemed to eliminate the issue also. I don't know anything, really!

But I know I can play Elite, and I know the monitors I'm looking at are fifty percent off. So I think I'll go with what I know right now

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