Is this PC okay for HTPC and Steam streaming?

I'm not sure if there's a set thread for such questions; if there is, my apologies for starting a separate thread.

I'm currently keeping an eye open for sales of mini PCs that I'd use to put together a HTPC system, and the VivoMini UN62 has just come up. Here's a link to the seller's page:


I guess the relevant specs are these:

Processor: i3-4030U
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400

Would this do the trick for a HTPC that should play video in 1080p (sources: online streaming, network drive, external Blu-ray player) and handle Steam home streaming? Also, is 4GB enough memory, or would 8GB make more sense?

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    madspookymadspooky San Antonio, TXRegistered User regular
    RAM is cheap so get as much memory as you can. That PC might struggle at times with 1080p streaming due to the weaker processor but overall it should be good for just the basics and streaming from Steam.

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