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The Long Awaited...Pinny Pal Food Challenge Video from PAX South 2015!

EvenstarEvenstar PAX Prime PrincessBellevue, WARegistered User regular
Hi I am the Grand Poobah of professional procrastination, but I finally did it! As some of you may remember, a small group of Pin Friends gathered during PAX South to take on a couple food challenges. Since I am not a fool, I just observed, and recorded for posterity! Watch them take on BeanBoozled and some really freaking hot stuff to see who taps out! Personal favorite moment: the look on @Diffusion 's face while he is trying to hold it together after a particularly foul bean XD

Side note: HEY @Dabe !!! You probably don't remember me accosting you in Expo during Prime, but I asked you about the photos you took during this occasion and you said you were just waiting for someone to contact you about it...consider yourself contacted! Post'em up! :)


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