How best to manage ISO collection

Seeing how there are several big shelves in our living room filled with DVDs and Blu-rays, I've been thinking of ripping at least select DVDs (probably some of the TV series) onto ISO so I could put a bunch of box sets in the cellar for now and free up some space. I've found more than enough information on how best to rip disks, but I've yet to find any useful information on how best to organise ISO files. Can they be tagged easily? Is there any good software to help manage an ISO collection? What I've found so far only talks about ripping to video files, but I'd want to have the menus etc. as well. Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S.: Not sure if ripping DVDs/Blu-rays is a permitted topic here, but I'm hoping it is and I won't catch an infraction for this...

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    With the menus? Not sure, if you have an older version of windows with media center you can use the MyMovies plug in.
    Without menus? Plex.

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