Is this cosplay site a scam? Help me buy my daughter a Christmas present

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My daughter (who is 7) wants a Yukiko Amagi (a character from the game Persona 4) costume for Christmas, a fact which I was just told yesterday.

So today I'm rushing around trying to find one, barring that, finding the individual components and putting it together myself.

This is the character:


I found a costume at, but I can't find any information on their reputation and they suspiciously have the costume available in every different size, even child sizes. This thing is rare; I've been looking everywhere.

But even if this company is legit and the costume can get to me in time for Christmas, I don't know anything about getting wigs for kids (my daughter is a blonde) or pantyhose or being able to match the shoes from the costume. I'm just a helpless dad who doesn't do cosplay and I don't want to be the guy who tells her she can't do it.

Help me, H/A!


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