Remote Control Airplane [solved]

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My brother and I wanted to get my father a remote control plane (a P-51 if possible). He's never used one before but the man has always loved WWII planes.
We all know absolutely nothing about the hobby. I'd love a recommendation on a plane. But I'd be happy to even be simply pointed to a solid website or brand name because there seems to be so many out there. Even just looking at remote control P-51s there seems to be an endless sea of them.
Our budget is probably limited to about $250.

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    Go to a hobby store that deals in RC stuff. This is one of those things that brick and mortar stores are great for. Depending on your city someone may know a specific shop.

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    my information about this is pretty outdated so dont take this as your final answer, but upon inquiring one time, I was told that there's basically no such thing as an RC plane worth a crap that isn't in the thousands of dollars

    in a weird play, planes are more demanding structurally than just a dronecopter that can VTOL. so they have to be built to a certain level of quality to survive takeoff and landing... therefore... $$$$

    for $250 you're probably going to get a lot more quality per dollar in a drone, even though it might not look as cool

    check this out... I guess they're coming down in price, but note that at this price point, they are made out of plastic, so one bad landing, and your day is done... might want to consider buying some cheaper practice ones

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    Just so you know, anything (drone/rc plane/rc copter) 250 grams and over will now have to be registered with the FAA. The fines for not doing so and getting caught are not cheap.

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    Okay so far the responses have managed to paint a pretty dire picture.

    However, that's not how it is! Visit a brick and mortar store, and ask about trainer model aircraft. They are designed specifically so be stable and easy to fly, with oversized landing gear and weight balance designed to make them easy to land. They're also usually skinned foam construction with a wing that is held on by rubber bands so that it can break free in the event of a bad landing. Replacement parts for these models are quite cheap. I mean, this was the result of a 30 second search of my favourite hobby shop. There are models stylised after classic warplanes, but they cost a little more.

    Go to at least one brick and mortar store, and talk to the r/c airplane experts there.

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