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2015 Census/2016 Opinion Thread Signup Thread is OPEN!

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IMPORTANT! Please only post once as it makes counting much harder the more irrelevant posts there are.
: I would like to congratulate those that are making this easy to complete by following instructions. I am disappointed at the miniscule amount who are being difficult.

Sign up to be counted for the Census as an active member of the forum (any forum) by posting !Census2015 in your message and nothing else. These are counted to see the number of active members, lurkers included.

Sign up to be counted for the 2015 Opinion Thread AND Census by posting !Opinion2015 in your post and nothing else. IMPORTANT: If you have a name that more people might recognize, then post !Opinion2015 followed IMMEDIATELY by your preferred name and nothing else.

If you want me to include special instructions in the OP to either ensure you DON'T have an opinions posted despite not signing up then send me a private message. Please only do this if having any opinion made of you, even accidentally, would cause you unneeded duress. If you have special needs or a request that I haven't mentioned in this post, send me a private message.

If you want to help, either by counting or by writing a program to count for us, let me know.

The list of people who have been counted will be listed here:


Munkus Beaver

Census Only:

This will close by January 31st at the latest, earlier if something unexpected happens or if there goes by a 3 day period without any updates. Happy holidays!

Previous years' threads are found here and here if you want to get an idea of what is going on:
If you try and get on twice, you might not get on at all.
This is not the place to be cute or to give your opinion. It is not easy sifting through 300 names making sure it works.
If you accidentally double post edit your second post to just a .
Please don't make this harder on me than it will be, please.

1. Someone offered to help in the past with a phalla counting program, but I have lost the link to it and it only works if the syntax is exacting. !Opinion2014 or !Census2014. If you know what I am talking about, send me a message and let me know. Please double check so I have a good starting list and can crosscheck.
2. If you posted twice please edit your post to nothing or as close to it as possible, a single period would work. Hey, you made a mistake, just fix please so this goes smoothly.
3. Most important for new people: if five people don't post every 3 days I will cut off sign ups. If no people sign up in 48 hours it's cut off. It gets cut on the 31st regardless.
4. You want to be completely anonymous on the census? Know someone who might want to be on the list but is indisposed? Message me. Note: lurkers please don't pm me about being anonymous on the census, this is just for people who, for whatever reason, have been here a while and don't want it known they are still here. Old forumer privacy concerns.
5. Thank you again, the majority, for making this easy to count and keep track. If there are any other simple programs to count, I would love to use them. If not for @tossrock and @ramius combined then forumers of years past would have had a messy list.
6. I think a Google Spreadsheet might make this easier, but I honestly have never made one before. So if you want to help with that, that'd be great.

In summation:
Post !Opinion2015 and ONLY !Opinion2015 once in the thread to be included on the big list at the end.
Post !Census2015 and ONLY !Census2015 once in the thread if you want to be included on the Census, but not have an opinion made of you.
One post per person in the thread, please. This is a difficult task.

And again, you won't go on the opinion list unless you explicitly say so. Asking to be on the Census is akin stating that you don't want opinions made of you.

As of December 2014 we had roughly 250 active forumers.
2013: 273
2012: 335
2011: 224

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