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Video card fan rattling

MadPenMadPen San DiegoRegistered User regular
So I've got this Asus DirectCU II (Nvidia GTX 670) with a rattling fan (one fan out of two). I tried pulling the fan to oil it, but after pulling the sticker, I just found hard plastic over the "well." So now I need to probably replace the fan, but I'm really not sure how to buy the correct part or how to install it. (While I can get at the fan, it's still attached to the case and I'm not sure how to detach it.)

I can't seem to find any instant Asus support chat, and googling I seem to get conflicting info about the fan size...and even that is only one step since voltages, speeds, and controllability vary.

Can you guys recommend a quick, reliable way of determining exactly what fan I should order? This seems like it should be easy, but I'm having problems.

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  • That_GuyThat_Guy I don't wanna be that guy Registered User regular
    I just made a post about this in the PC build thread. Check it out for the long version.

    TL:DR I had the same problem and ended up installing a closed loop liquid cooler on my card using a Kraken G10 and some extra hardware I bought online. An h60 is ~$60, a G10 is ~30. Screws and washers and fan adapters might run you ~30 unless you can find the locally cheaper. I had no luck finding them myself. If your card has the same back plate my 980 Strix, you can use the video I posted as a guide for what extra hardware you are going to need.

  • MadPenMadPen San DiegoRegistered User regular
    Your fix sounds freaking awesome. I actually ended up fixing this with sewing machine oil. Turns out the well can be on either side of the fan. In my case it was actually on the front. The asus sticker is super thick and didn't want to be put back on, so...


    3DS: 4098-4243-6127
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