Video card fan rattling

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So I've got this Asus DirectCU II (Nvidia GTX 670) with a rattling fan (one fan out of two). I tried pulling the fan to oil it, but after pulling the sticker, I just found hard plastic over the "well." So now I need to probably replace the fan, but I'm really not sure how to buy the correct part or how to install it. (While I can get at the fan, it's still attached to the case and I'm not sure how to detach it.)

I can't seem to find any instant Asus support chat, and googling I seem to get conflicting info about the fan size...and even that is only one step since voltages, speeds, and controllability vary.

Can you guys recommend a quick, reliable way of determining exactly what fan I should order? This seems like it should be easy, but I'm having problems.

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