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Timeless Works for Cultured Aesthetes (NSF56K)

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You are one of the few who are able to truly distinguish what makes art not just a passion, but a heritage, a way of life.

The magnificent human form, captured in radiant splendor.


A splendid piece can, perhaps, help you to see a famous figure in a new light.


Ordinary skin tone colors? I say, "Feh!", and also, "Fie!", and perhaps, "Balderdash!" Portraiture is truly freeing when you cast aside the shackles of tradition and engage in meaningful, playful exploration of color.


A brilliant creation might be completely unambiguous, leaving one with no question whatsoever as to its true meaning:


Or, it may be intricate and offer the critic many different possible interpretations, like a multifaceted diamond:


The best pieces have something to offer everyone.


Join with me in the celebration of imagination, creativity, and innovation. Reject the ordinary, dull and uninspired.

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