Need two wireless(?) low/no latency headphones for TV with only one optical audio out

Noise is a big issue in my new apartment, but my new TV only has a toslink/optical audio out, seemingly limiting my headphone options.

Said TV is hooked up via HDMI to a PC that has the usual headphone jack output and USB ports, and is used for streaming and gaming. I would need to be able to pair two sets of headphones to the same TV, or perhaps one to the TV and one to the PC or both to the PC.

I'm hoping to avoid or at least drastically minimize audio lag, especially since we play a lot of Rocksmith, but also because reading about "lip sync" issues with Bluetooth headphones has made me paranoid. Not sure if I can adjust for that by fiddling with my TV audio settings, though.

Ideally these headphones would be wireless, but if wired headphones are my only real option then those could work.

I don't need gaming headsets, unless again those are the best option, since I can just buy a separate wired microphone.

I'm looking for closed, over the ear headphones and not earbuds.

Hopefully the ideal solution won't be stupidly expensive, but I am willing to spend a decent amount of cash if that's the only way.

My first dilemma is between Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth options.

My second dilemma is between finding a more expensive wireless setup that has a native optical audio input (like this) or getting a digital to analog adapter and using a less expensive wireless set up (like this). Not sure if the adapter will add ridiculous amounts of audio lag or not.

The third dilemma is between looking for headphones that will connect to the TV or trying to hook them up to the PC, which would open up USB and analog headphone out options but would mean I couldn't use those headphones for streaming through the TV.

The research I've done so far has just left me more confused, so if anyone has any advice or personal experiences to share, I'd be grateful.


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    tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
    I would suggest doing a digital>analog converter (FiiO or someone) and then wireless headphones/headsets with the mic plugged into the PC. I would avoid bluetooth.

    I know Sennheiser makes one that has one base station and multiple headphones connect to that.

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