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Web hosting that lets me actually do something...

I've been thinking about making a little corner of the web just for myself. Now, the last time I had a personal web site was in 1997 when I worked for an ISP. It was a website that was offered, that I could shell into, ftp into, and run perl scripts in. It as about $20 a month back in the day.

I know the internet has grown since then, I'm darned if I can't find webhosting that gives me a shell/FTP/Scripting access anymore. I was referred to Squarespace, but it's all template garbage. Can someone refer me to someplace that gives me a simple *nix account, public HTTP directory, and an Apache server configured for something like Ruby/Python scripting?

That would be pretty wizard.



  • LD50LD50 Registered User regular
    You could try talking to @Infidel about a PADev account.

  • InfidelInfidel Heretic Registered User regular
    Yeah, we run a VPS host for our programmer community here, $5 USD a month gets you a shell account with all you describe.

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  • AiouaAioua Ora Occidens Ora OptimaRegistered User regular
    I use digitialocean for my stuff.

    VPS is the keyword you're looking for: Virtual Private Server.

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  • syndalissyndalis Getting Classy On the WallRegistered User, Loves Apple Products regular
    If you REALLY want to do your own shit, consider Amazon EC2?

    The micro instances are free for a year, and it's a full on Linux box you can install whatever you want to and do whatever you want with.

    Let's play Mario Kart or something...
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