demzerocooldemzerocool Registered User new member
I'm looking for some meetups at PAX South. People playing video games together after hours, during the con, whatever. I'm also looking to meet people. Last year I mainly just went to a couple presentations and the expo hall and left. This time I'm looking to make new friends and be more social. Any ideas are appreciated!


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    DanQDanQ Registered User regular
    wearing a costume is always a great way to get other to be more inclined to be social with you. also read the many threads on this forum to find out about get togethers. Tabletop freeplay always has people looking for more players.

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    unhallowed1014unhallowed1014 Registered User regular
    me and my gf will be their all 3 days.... kindve a recluse, but trying to get better lol

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    thikthirdthikthird Registered User new member
    driving in from houston solo saturday morning. i signed up for the indies need booze party to meet some people there, but besides that i'm going to rely on my gregariousness to meet people during con hours.

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    StinkyTurdStinkyTurd Registered User regular
    i'll be at indies need booze but iu also am running a dinner on saturday night at brazil de texas beforee indies need booze if your interested in signing up several people attending that are going to head to inb after.

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    PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    We are having an after hours meetup just down the street Friday night if you want to come!


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