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I've recently picked up an Onkyo reciever and I'm hoping to clarify a couple details. I'm a big fan of a fully fleshed out stereo, but I'm ignorant as can be to what all the different modes etc are.

My model is a TX-SR343, I have currently got a 4.1 surround setup of slightly mismatched (hopefully only temporary!) speakers. I am feeding the setup from a GTX 770 videocard in my gaming PC using HDMI out. We use the TV for music, movies, and games.

For the moment I've got things set up like so
- Videocard audio out set to 5.1 surround with the satellites on the sides
- Receiver set to 4.1 with a listening mode of "Direct" (I saw another option of Multi-Channel Direct)
- the speakers are distance calculated for where we sit on the couch and I've balanced the levels as best as I could to be even all around.
- TV speakers are turned off in settings.
- Front speakers are Polk Monitor 75T, rear are remnants of my old Logitech Z5500, and the sub is a KLH E-12DB. I removed the center channel because the Logitech speakers have a very obvious difference in sound versus the Polks and I found the front distracting, I am tolerating the rears for the time being while I try to find a nice bookshelf that matches the fronts.

What is the difference between Multichannel and Direct modes? They seemed the same to my ears. I found that things like stereo surround, pro-logic, theater, etc all seemed to muddy things up. Are there things I should be changing in my videocard settings? Right now it seems to work well with movies and games playing in 4.1, but the music is staying in 2.1 how I like it. I'm happy with it, but is there more I can do?

How do I determine things like crossover frequencies and center channel width?

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