Im freaking out, please help

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My boyfriend and I have been together for three years now. yesterday we just had sex for the very first time. we were both virgins and it was our first time ever with anyone. obviously, as my first time im freaked out. i dont want to get pregnant! he used a condom, and we really were only at it for like 7 minutes at the most because we just wanted to get rid of the temptation, so he didnt cum or anythng. he said he checked the condom and he said there was no leaks or anything. also nothing felt like it went wrong during the whole thing. i woke up sore from my stomache (probably because my first time and the position) but im just freaking out so much. my period should come next week and i really dont feel sick. i was already sick before we did anything. could i get pregnant from this???



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    Probably not if he used a condom probably, but anything is possible. Odds are extremely low, however.

    If you are planning on being sexually active it might be prudent to speak with your GP about birth control.

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    It's very unlikely that you are or will be pregnant from this one encounter. Condoms are pretty safe and you would not be showing symptoms of being pregnant this soon even if you were. If you are really worried, there is such a thing as a morning after pill. It's basically an emergency birth control pill that will prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus wall. But you would have to go get it right now (within 72hrs after having sex), as it wont work if you are already pregnant. -->
    But yes, talk to a medical professional about what kind of birth control might be good for you, before the next time you have sex. There are women's health clinics for that.

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    You're almost certainly fine, but still, it's best to be careful.

    In my own experience, any discomfort resulting from sex was as a result of using different muscles than I usually would in my daily life, so the next day I would often be tender. Generally this was from not having sex for a while, or trying some new positions that are particularly strenuous.

    It's most likely your muscles responding to a new stimulus. As you said, it's your first time and, the position.

    Be careful, be safe and you'll be fine.

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    I will say that after my first couple of sexual encounters, I went through something kind of like this, to the point of buying pregnancy tests a few weeks later. They all came back negative. So your reaction is probably not uncommon, but as others have said, you are very likely fine. If you've never been to a GP or a gynecologist, you should probably make an appointment to have a wellness exam done, and you can talk to them about the risks of pregnancy, and birth control options, and that may help put your mind at ease.

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    Losing your virginity tends to be a bit sore for the woman. No-one feels any effects of pregnancy at one day.

    If you are worried about pregnancy, you can go on the pill and use a condom at the same time. With two lines of defense, there's not much chance of getting pregnant, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

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    You might also want to get a name change on the forums, that's usually hard to do but I think a special exception could be made in your case.

    @ceres what do you think

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    Okay, so above posters had good info about condoms. Here's some stuff you should know about your cycle.
    PLEASE NOTE: What I'm going to say is generally true most months for most women IF YOUR CYCLES ARE REGULAR. If you routinely have cycles that last a long time or if it often seems like you "skip" - as in, go two months between periods, or longer - you should talk to your doctor, even though you're not ready to get pregnant yet, because it could indicate a health issue that can have other symptoms besides infertility and it's just best to get it checked out so you know.

    Okay. First of all the "textbook" cycle is 28 days and ovulation occurs on Day 14, you're fertile from approximately 5-6 days before and about 48 hours after. However. Even if you have a 28 day cycle, you may not actually ovulate on Day 14. The second part of your cycle (the luteal phase) can range from 10-14 days long (shorter than that means you might have trouble conceiving). So you could have a 28 day cycle but not ovulate until Day 16, your luteal phase is 12 days long, bam, period, you're still healthy. Personally when I was trying to get pregnant (which was home science experiment involving thermometers and charts because that's how I roll) I found that I ovulated on day 20 and had a 12 day luteal phase, so my cycle was 32 days, but regular and I had no issues. So there's a range there.

    So, IF you have regular cycles of generally the same length, your last period was normal, and you're sure your period is due to come next week (I assume you mean between 4-7 days from now), it is very, VERY likely you have ovulated already and there would be little to no chance of you getting pregnant, even if you hadn't been using a condom and he ejaculated.

    AGAIN, this is for women who have regular cycles. There are lots of weird things that can change this - like, if you have a really light period it may not actually be your period, you just missed your normal ovulation and your body could be getting ready to ovulate any day now - this afaik is how some women have claimed to have gotten pregnant from having sex "on their period." If you're in a position in your life right now where you absolutely 100% do not want to get pregnant, I agree with those above who advised you using some kind of birth control AND condoms - that's what I did when I was young during the first couple of years my husband and I were dating. However, I do think it's enormously empowering and gives one piece of mind to understand how one's own body works. If you're interested in learning how to figure out how your personal cycle works, you could google instructions on how to chart your fertility using a basal body thermometer, checking your cervical mucus and the position of your cervix. The reproductive system is weird and awesome.

    edit: oh, totally forgot. Conception! Even if you got sperm into your vagina, AND you were fertile, it takes some time for the sperm to travel up to the egg. THEN, if fertilization occurs (in successful pregnancies, this ideally happens in your fallopian tube) the fertilized egg has to travel down into the uterus and implant into the uterine wall. Once THAT happens, the hormone factory starts up. Even with really sensitive urine tests it takes usually, oh, 7-8 days after ovulation for enough hcg to appear in your urine to cause a positive test. Because the symptoms are caused by hormones it generally takes AT LEAST that long, usually longer, for physical symptoms of pregnancy to appear. 24 hours after sex a fertilized egg hasn't even implanted yet. You would have no pregnancy symptoms. I've been pregnant three times and I have never had symptoms before my period would have been due. Some women have reported feeling cramping or having spotting during implantation, but like I said, that takes some time - I don't remember exactly how much time (I'm done getting pregnant) but it's at least a few days after fertilization.

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    update: just got my period. happy girl (:

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