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Hello there fellow collectors,

If pins aren't enough to satisfy your lust for collecting, let me direct you towards Stamps. These are little images (not actual stamps) that track your accomplishments around Pinny Arcade and just community stuff in general, they're proudly displayed on your profile like so.

Basically just a bit of fun and fostering some more community spirit! This thread here will be used for discussion of new stamps, how to get stamps and complaining about how you didn't get that stamp because grgemonkey's an a-hole!

Enough talk! Head over to the PinnyPals Stamps page to get your collection started!


How do I get stamps?

First you need a PinnyPals account, which you can get for free here. The requirements vary from simply displaying your pins in your home, to being a ravenous collector of a single pin. There's easier ones like just joining in on community events like the annual Secret Santa.

There will generally always be a stamp related to every PAX, these are the most exciting as you'll need to do something at the PAX to score one.

The possibilities are endless! Here's a dedicated users profile that will give you an idea of what you can get.

I got this voucher thingy, what do I do with it?

Redeem it here, as soon as possible. Some stamps are given out as vouchers because it would waste huge amounts of time trying to take down your details.

Do they cost anything?

Absolutely 100% NO. Never ever pay or trade for a stamp.


The idea spawned from a few bored collectors looking for some extra challenges. Also it's fun to think of stamp designs and requirements :) Feel free to ignore them completely if it's not your cup of tea.

Can I submit a stamp idea?

You bet your socks, you can design the whole stamp too if you have the skills! Shoot it off to help@pinnypals.com

I can't 100% this! I QUIT!

Do keep in mind that these are supposed to be personal accomplishments, so worrying about a stamp you couldn't realistically personally do isn't really something that should concern you :) Remember these are strictly for fun.

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