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[Electric Scooters] Riding Dweeby

majanzmajanz Registered User regular
Saw this article on Wired today, It’s Too Bad Electric Scooters Are So Lame, Because They May Be the Future, and it reminded me of various stuff I've seen.

* People in Europe riding various kinds of gasoline scooters even though they run a high risk of getting murdered by traffic. I've seen a few of them go spat, but those drivers may have been intoxicated.

* People in mainland China riding brutally utilitarian electric bicycles even though they run a very very high risk of getting murdered by traffic. Seriously, these things are so rough and angular they look like they were designed by Stalin himself. I've seen at least one go splat after cutting in front of a taxi.

* People in the gulf states riding various kinds of beater bikes even though they run a high risk of dying from dehydration or getting murdered by traffic. FYI - they were all migrant laborers. The locals don't like to sweat.

* People in the United States riding various kinds of insanely expensive bikes even though they too run a high risk of getting murdered by traffic. My youngest is convinced that they are all suicidal.

* People in Indonesia where basically everyone rides a 50cc motorbike. Might be the safest place to ride a bike since they outnumber the cars by a wide margin.

I've ridden a bike to work a couple of times, really just to prove that I could do it, but I've never made the full switch. Partially because my house is on a 400 foot hill but really because I am in terrible physical condition.

Has anyone made the switch to two wheeled commuting? Do any of you live on big hills?

Does anyone think this Chinese electric bike is aesthetically pleasing? And this is a newer model.


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