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Need help contacting a vendor.

amesenbrinkamesenbrink Registered User new member
I purchased a couple posters from the company selling posters in the Classic Arcade room. When we got home we found that they had given us the wrong poster. I need to get in touch with this company. I paid cash so I have no receipt.


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    you may be able to get their information from [email protected]

  • nbs2nbs2 Registered User regular
    Company is Arcades 4 Home out of Lockhart. Spent 15-20 minutes Friday morning talking to the artist that does the underlying paintings - really good guy.

    I do question his taste in BBQ though. Suggesting anybody else in TX, let alone Lockhart does better brisket than Blacks is absurd.

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