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jasonyakjasonyak Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User new member
Hey all,

I'm Jason from Yak & Co. I'm completely new to the world of pins, but I got a crash course at Pax Aus last year where we were showcase winners for Agent A and exhibited at Pax for the first time. We saw how SMG (fellow indie show case winners) had a couple of pins added to the Aus collection and I was lucky enough to be given one of those and a Pax Bunny pin - thanks to who gave this to me, it was a brief encounter and lead me to looking into it all much more. It's pretty cool to see how passionate people are about them and collecting in general. I've been a long time collector of various things, and I love the parallels that it has with many game mechanics.

Anyway as a promotional tool I love the idea of creating some pins to give away. I would obviously love to have one entered into a pinny arcade set but I think we might be a long way off having the opportunity again for this to be an appropriate thing to even ask for (next time time we had a game being exhibited at Pax for instance). In the meantime I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of where I could get some third party pins created in order to give away?

If there's any one from PA that are available to chat about pins and getting them created that would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your help guys!! =)

Jason Rawlings


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    PedroAsaniPedroAsani Brotherhood of the Squirrel [Prime]Registered User regular
    There's nothing to stop you having a Pinny Arcade Pin made, and then using that to promote your games. Doesn't need to be a PAX (although they do increase your traffic there, a lot)

    Try contacting Mike Fehlauer and Jeff Kalles of Penny Arcade, they can give you a rundown on the how and when they are made.

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    MadkineMadkine AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Indeed, there's been a number of companies with PA pins that haven't actually been available at PAX.

    As an Aus collector I encourage you to look into the PA pins. :)

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    jasonyakjasonyak Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User new member
    hey thx for the replies =) I'll get in touch.. if we did some pins we'd much prefer to do PA pins too, thx again!

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