Organized tour around NYC/Boston week before PAX.

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I am from Europe (Originally Netherlands but not living in Northern Ireland) and never to the states before so am rather excited to finally visit it this April. I am going for 2 weeks myself, the first week I visit some friends and enjoy the weather in Miami and New Orleans. For the 2nd week I plan on going to NYC and wanted to do some touristic things in the area before going to Boston. Perhaps somebody else is interested to also make it a full week and see some stuff if they are not from the states or NYC/Boston area themselves for example (or are but never seen the touristic things, I know I haven't seen that many in The Netherlands)

I found a interesting organized tour that leaves from NYC. It has airport pick up and everything arranged if required. It takes you from NYC trough Philadelphia to Washington D.C.. Then to the Niagara falls to finish off with Boston. It does take you back to your NYC or Boston airport whenever you want so for most of us Sunday or Monday.

I will arrive and start the tour myself on Saturday April 16th, we will go to Boston on Wednesday you get shown around and you get a hotel for the first night. There is a small program for the Thursday morning (Lunch at a market around the harbor), you can try to extend your stay with the hotel or check in to another hotel closer to the venue.


The website does give some good group discount so if people have a similar plans it could safe us some money.

You can contact me trough email on beckersmark@live.nl or on Skype ReMarkable_91

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