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Streaming Configuration for Extra Life

GrundlestiltskinGrundlestiltskin Behind you!Registered User regular
Hi all,

A few of my friends and I are planning to do an Extra Life marathon the Friday before PAX East. I've streamed from my PC to Twitch before (using NVIDIA Shadowplay, and OBS before that), and I've streamed from my PS4 to Twitch as well (no video feed, just game stream).

What I'm hoping to do for Extra Life is a bit more ambitious. We're planning (hoping?) to stream the following:

1. PC Individual - this is straightforward for both audio and video. If we were doing multiple PCs, we'd probably just do shared audio and a single video stream.
2. PS4 couch multiplayer - What's our best option for camera capture here? How do we best capture audio from 4 people on a couch?
3. Other console multiplayer - If we wanted to stream from a console like the WiiU or Gamecube, what would our best option be? Capture card and running through PC? Something else?
4. Tabletop board games - Assuming here we're back to the PC with the web cam? What kind of consideration should we make for audio?

Any help here would be appreciated, this is far above my A/V and streaming knowledge.

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  • templewulftemplewulf The Team Chump USARegistered User regular
    @Grundlestiltskin , did you ever figure out your stream situation? I'm curious, because I'm looking to do some similar stuff.

    Related but slightly different questions:
    I've got an Avermedia ExtremeCap U3, a ViewHD HDMI splitter, and OBS. They all seem pretty intuitive, and the HDCP stripping appears to work well.

    My only issues are, 1.) I'm not really sure how to couch co-op for consoles and HTPC, given the mic situation (similar to #2 in the OP). 2.) I'm getting some weird, occasional flickering when capturing from a PS4. Check out 0:04, 0:11, 0:58, 1:03, and 1:47 on Any suggestions for diagnosing would be helpful. | PSN | Steam | Discord | SFV CFN: templewulf
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