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[Mirage:AW] So Alone...

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A new game from Torn Banner, creators of the best (and for now I think only) medieval First Person Slasher (FPS), Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Mirage: Arcane Warfare will also be an FPS, but it will also have magic. It looks like it will be set in a mish-mash Middle East kind of place.
Here is the teaser, released a March 2nd:

Want an official website? HERE YOU GO!

More videos in the spoiler below, including community diaries and other things.
Just as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare had different classes, M:AW does, too. There are 6 classes! They're in the spoiler below.
  • Alchemancer
    The Alchemancer is a low hp and low movement character, but he makes up for it with range and explodey stuff.
  • Entropist
    A fat guy with blunt weapons and the only character with healing options right now. He can fly on a carpet.
  • Taurant
    The beefy dude with big weapons and big damage and lots of HP to get it all out.
  • Tinker
    The trap character, laying traps or exploding obelisk columns or pulling them or trapping them in bubbles or stabbing them with swords. Mostly stabbing.
  • Vigilist
    The tanky character: some control, some protection, some ranged options, and her primary weapons right now are both spear-like.
  • Vypress
    Yep, she's an assassin/ninja type, with blink-dashes, dash-slashes, and shurikens. Dual wields.

What is gameplay like?

It's like Chivalry. You can drag swings, but it's to a lesser extent than in Chivalry. No hitting people behind you with overheads. Movement is much more important with wall climbing and mini-hops involved. Abilities are also very important, especially since many of them can move you around or have different timings.

What about other things?

THe player population is really low. In the double digits. This makes me sad because it's a fine game for what it costs, but it's caught in that death loop where it's a multiplayer game that nobody buys because nobody plays it.

what a happy day it is
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