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working on a board game - wanting to get feedback

SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
I've been working on a board game for approximately 2 years, though I've been only really getting into it the past few months. The design has mostly come together, the prototype art is still going well, the rule book is still going through drafts, but everything is coming together. In the next month the gameplay should be ironed out and I've already had it tested by a couple dozen people - with some great feedback. I'd like to give it some wider exposure - and I'd like to bring a few dozen copies to the show and have people try them out. I'll start looking at publishing next year but I'm trying to finalise gameplay and get feedback and ideas.

I don't know where to start or who to talk to - but Im going again this year (as well as a proxy for my pin pals and as a cookie brigadier) and PAX is full of the kind of people who should hopefully be interested. So - what do I need to do?


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    chaoticpatternchaoticpattern Registered User new member
    Hey Senno. A fellow board game designer has referred me to your post. I'm the creative director of Rule & Make (, a board game publishing company in Australia. If you like, you can send us your game design and we'd be happy offer you some feedback. Also, I'd highly recommend joining the TGDA (Tabletop Game Designers Australia) group on Facebook: if you want to be more involved in the tabletop design community.

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    SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Since I made this post, my game has come much further along and we have already been in touch. I'll be meeting with Jason next week actually about the game. I didn't know about the Facebook group though - much appreciated.

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