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[Batman vs Superman] Dawn of the Justice Lords

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DC finally released a new movie for their DCCU, wherein the Dark Knight faces off against the Last Son of Krypton. The first reviews were positive,

Then the internet broke in half when the critics decided that not everyone liked this little movie.

Then Zach Snyder snapped from the pressure and shouldn't be near the press if WB wants to be taken seriously.

The Force Awakens spoilers
I went, really? And I said, well, what about [‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’]? In ‘Star Wars’ they destroy five planets with billions of people on them. That’s gotta be one of the highest death toll movies in history, the new ‘Star Wars’ movie, if you just do the math.

There’s a fun conversation — we filmed it, it’s not in the cut — but there’s a conversation when [Superman] saves the girl from the garment factory, we had a line where a guy goes, but now all the garment factory owners, they’re not concerned with safety because they just figure Superman will show up to save them if the building catches on fire. It’s sort of a catch-22 to being the ex machina, being the hand of God: the hand of God can’t be everywhere the same time. You’re headed for a fall.


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