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Polka dot Spots on eyes, precursor to diabetes

RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
So the eye doctor saw pressure differences in my eyes and called me back for a second test and I have the early, early, early pattern of what someone who would have diabetes would have.

Besides finally getting a primary care provider, how should I change my diet (which has inched various types of coffee for several years straight)?


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    tinwhiskerstinwhiskers Registered User regular
    Coffee is fine I believe, as long as its black.

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    JaysonFourJaysonFour Classy Monster Kitteh Registered User regular
    First off, I'm not a doctor. However, I do know some that have been practicing in the industry for a few decades, and I asked their advice for you.

    The resulting answer was, well... "Go see your primary care doctor right away to make sure you get a handle on it!"

    When you head to the doctor, they'll end up doing some tests- this will give them the information they need to fully nail down what's going on with you. Once they know your current situation, they'll be able to help get you on whatever regimen you need to be on to keep it under control.

    As far as diet, cut down on processed sugars where you can, but the doctor will help you figure out what you ought to avoid and everything.

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    RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    As a beetus myaelf, they'll not know for sure if it's the beetus until they do a blood test to look at your average blood sugars over the last three or four months. So I'd work on getting that test asap so you know one way or the other.

    In the meantime, I can advise you to cut down on simple sugars and carbs. The GI index is a good basic guide. Artificial sweeteners shouldn't affect your sugars if you need to sweeten your coffee, and coffee itself is sugar neutral. Also regular cardio exercise improves your sugar control. So the advice you can get before an official diagnosis lines up pretty well with general lifestyle advice.

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    knitdanknitdan In ur base Killin ur guysRegistered User regular
    Also, if you haven't already, get a handle on your blood pressure. This may mean a doctor visit and a prescription.

    Just before I was diagnosed with kidney failure 9 years ago, I had what looked like a grease spot in the middle of my vision in one eye. My BP was something like 200/120. Once they got that down a bit the "grease spot" went away.

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    Fuzzy Cumulonimbus CloudFuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud Registered User regular
    Ask your PCP for an A1c and a fasting blood glucose test.
    Also ask for an insulin level test because that can detect pre-prediabetes and is a good warning sign that you should change some lifestyle habits.

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    DaMoonRulzDaMoonRulz Mare ImbriumRegistered User regular
    Out of curiosity, is it spots on your eye, or in your vision?


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    RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
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    DevoutlyApatheticDevoutlyApathetic Registered User regular
    Yea, see a doc. Depending on insurance you may just want to go straight to a specialist though it can be difficult getting into that door.

    The answers are the same answers that are given for a majority of health things:
    If you're overweight, lose weight.
    Eat a well balanced diet.

    The eye doc probably say signs of Diabetic Retinopathy which is a big way of saying that the excess blood sugar levels are causing the blood vessels in your eyes to leak a bit. I think (but am unsure) that it isn't unique to the eye, it's just one of the only places we've got a great sight line into the body. It is especially bad in the eyes as it will mess with vision but you are likely quite a ways away from that right now.

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