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Miitomo - use your smart phone to make your friends say bad words

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Miitomo is the first foray into free-to-play smart phone gaming by a tiny little indie dev you may have heard of called Nintendo.


It's a weird blend of the Mii Channel, a social network, photoshop, a dress-up game, Plinko, and one of those "get to know your friends better" internet quizzes.

See, first you make a Mii. Then you build a friends list, by linking the app to your facebook or twitter apps, or getting recommendations of mutual friends. Or you can just get their Miis by using QR codes like this one:


(it's me)

Then you answer questions about yourself, see answers from your friends, comment on answers from your friends, and, best of all, make dumb pictures starring you and your friends with the surprisingly robust photo editor/mii posing tool. And you can use those dumb pictures as comments! Or post them on facebook or twitter!

And you earn currency! For what? Stuff for your Mii to wear! And to play Plinko! That lets you win more things for your Mii to wear! So you can make more dumb pictures! And post them! It just kind of feeds into itself.

There's not a ton to it, but it's a free, fun, little diversion that really helped the night shift I just wrapped up go by a hell of a lot faster than it normally does.

Let's talk about it and maybe swap some codes!

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