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Which of the HBO Now capable streaming boxes is best?

captainkcaptaink TexasRegistered User regular
I am watching GOT on my Roku 2 and I'm starting to hate it. Compared to watching Netflix on my ps4 it is a pretty painful experience.

I wish they'd just put out a ps4 app but I guess that's not happening. Options are:
Fire TV
Roku 3 or 4

I am pretty at home on iOS or android ecosystems, just looking for something with more horsepower and better apps.


  • Casually HardcoreCasually Hardcore Once an Asshole. Trying to be better. Registered User regular
    Chromecast is my go to. Almost a no brainier if you have an Android device.

  • a5ehrena5ehren AtlantaRegistered User regular
    If you have another Android device already, Chromecast is your bang for the buck champ here, but it isn't perfect.

    AppleTV is good (but costs more) if you have other iOS and OS X devices to use with it.

    The 2015 Roku 2 apparently has better performance than previous models, but I don't know how much it shows up in apps.

  • useless4useless4 Registered User regular
    AppleTV is nice now that the newest model has apps... it makes a damn good Plex playback device, has Netflix etc. Just don't expect to like the remote (It works with older AppleTV remotes or do what I do and use a bluetooth keyboard)

  • wunderbarwunderbar What Have I Done? Registered User regular
    Roku just announced a new Streaming stick. Might be worth looking at.

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  • captainkcaptaink TexasRegistered User regular
    edited April 2016
    Looking around, it seems like the only thing that will be appreciably better is an apple tv, and I don't really want to spend that much for a game of thrones box. Everything else is cheaper but likely no more capable.

    I just wish HBO and/or sony would get their act together and release an HBO Now app for the PS4.

    captaink on
  • syndalissyndalis Getting Classy On the WallRegistered User, Loves Apple Products regular
    amazon fire tv stick is a terrible device, so youd do best to avoid it.

    Let's play Mario Kart or something...
  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    Anyone using HBO Now on Android.. have you had problems with the stream just stopping? It seems to have gotten worse lately, and I don't know if it just doesn't tolerate hiccups in bandwidth as well as Netflix does or what, but I can't even watch a movie without it stopping at least three times for well over a minute each time.

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