Doubletree Club Hotel to PAX transporation solutions.

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I just realized that the Doubletree Club hotel that my friend and I are booked at is not on any of the PAX shuttle routes. :bigfrown:
The hotel is the Southern-most hotel that you could book on OnPeak and it is all by itself down there.

After I did the below research I called the hotel and found out they will be operating a free shuttle that leaves the hotel every hour from 5am to 10pm each day.
So that free shuttle is obviously the best way to get to and from PAX.

*******************Obsolete Transportation Research************************

My friend and I will have my car with us, but if we drive each day we will have to deal with traffic, finding a spot at PAX and then paying $10 to park at PAX.
Walking would take about 47 minutes and the distance is 2.4 miles.

I think the best option that I found so far is renting a bike from Hubway for the weekend.
Cost: You can buy a 72 hour membership for $12 which includes all trips under 30 minutes in duration.
Distance between stations: The ride between the 2 stations (Boston Convention & Exhibition Center station D32018 & JFK/UMASS at MBTA station C32013) we would use is only 13 minutes in duration.
Unlocking a bike: The 72 hour pass doesn't require a $3 key (which can only be had at special key stations). You just use your credit card to get a new unlock code.

Uber: According to their fare estimator it would cost $7-9 for a one way trip on UberX which is the lowest cost. Surge Pricing may be in effect during PAX East.
Lyft According to their fare estimator it would cost $9 (or a tad less that $9 if I share a ride with Lyft Line) for a one way trip. Surge Pricing may be in effect during PAX East.

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    Just wanted to note that your hotel is close to the Red T Line stop at JFK/UMass ... if you travel to South Station from there and get the Silver line back (or walk) to Seaport (World Trade Centre) you could save a bunch. Just get a week pass (costs like $20), unlimited rides. It is a viable alternative.

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