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Boston in the evening: Space to play board games and have a drink after PAX?

pghprogrammer4pghprogrammer4 Registered User regular
Hey all, I was wondering if any Bostonians had ideas for somewhere on Friday or Saturday evening to play games and enjoy libations. I have a larger group (~15-20) who are mainly looking for somewhere where we can bring our own board games and have a drink or two (but not like ten.) In prior years I hosted us, but no longer have the space to do so! Bringing our own alcohol is also preferable but that's a bonus, not a requirement.

Priorities are:
  1. We can play games
  2. Open until midnight
  3. Can consume alcohol
  4. Can bring our own alcohol

  1. Along Red Line
  2. Cool space

If anyone has any good ideas for where to do this on Fri and Sat night, please let me know!



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    revengeancefulrevengeanceful Registered User regular
    That's a tough request. A lot of places will be able to fill 2 out of your 4 priorities, but I don't know of any that will fill all of them. The best I can think of is probably Cornwall's in Kenmore Square. It's not on the Red Line (but it is easily accessible from the Green line), but it's open late, they serve alcohol, and they have a small selection of board games already so they would probably be okay with you bringing in your own (don't quote me on that though).

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    surettesurette kill the switch Boston, MARegistered User regular
    Knights Move Cafe is a board game cafe in Brookline with a huge library of games that also allows BYOB. They're open til 11, but it's not a very large place so I'd probably call beforehand to make sure they'd have space for you.

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    GhostDanGhostDan Registered User regular
    Boston is a bit puritanical, especially in their liquor laws. Most places won't let you byob as there is grey area on how responsible they are for your drinking. You might have some luck on in the burbs (like brookline)

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