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Beware the Handsome Foreigner! [Art for Bureaucrats]

majanzmajanz Registered User regular
edited April 2016 in Graphic Violence
As an occasional traveler to East Asia, I must admit that I LOVE the government sanctioned comic art! (FYI - Its not limited to China)

So when I saw this;
Chinese warned off dating foreigners

(CNN) China's government workers are being warned off dating handsome foreigners -- because they may be potential James Bonds.

A 16-panel comic book-style poster that's been widely displayed across Beijing tells the story of an attractive young female civil servant -- Xiao Li or Little Li -- who is wooed by a red-haired foreigner posing as a visiting scholar.

OMG! That red hair! Those sexy glasses! That big honking nose! No wonder the Chinese girls can't keep their government secrets away from him!


Dang, the ears are pretty huge too...

Anyone else got some good government or corporate sanctioned art?

majanz on


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    M-TeeM-Tee Registered User regular
    Eisner's Preventative Monthly makes for some fine government-produced comics.
    Will Eisner was already famous for his work on The Spirit when he was drafted for duty during World War II. While in the service, Eisner put his artistic talents to work in army publications, creating a character named Joe Dope. After the war, the army wanted to design a publication dedicated to preventive maintenance that soldiers would actually want to read, and turned to Eisner's young company, American Visuals Corporation. Eisner was the artistic director for PS Magazine from its inception in 1951 through 1972.

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