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Looking to Meet Up With Local Streamers

JChace029JChace029 Registered User regular
Hi all,

I'm going to be visiting PAX all 3 days this weekend and would love to meet as many local streamers as I can. I'm in the process of organizing some events that I'd love to have a local streamer at as a way to cross promote our services, as well as their talents and influence. Would love to take a few minutes to chat and possibly set up a meeting for later..

Feel free to add me via the PAX East 2016 guidebook app - Im in the attendees list

Look forward to a great show!



  • jayjustjayjayjustjay Registered User new member
    Hey I'm interested in this please keep me in the loop. I am in a twitch streaming group with a couple of other people!

  • jayjustjayjayjustjay Registered User new member
    Oh and also what's your name on the Pax app

  • JChace029JChace029 Registered User regular
    Hey Jay,

    It's Josh Chace - thanks for the reply - will see you this weekend hopefully!

  • RedK232RedK232 Registered User regular
    I might be interested. I'll be at the Con all 3 days as well. You can Find me under Sean M and u will see my last name.

  • JChace029JChace029 Registered User regular
    Thanks Sean. There's several Sean M's. Feel free to add me. My info is above.

  • RedK232RedK232 Registered User regular
    alright cool will do. Sent you a response

  • x3rubiachica3xx3rubiachica3x Registered User regular
    Hey! I'll be at PAX all 3 days as well. My name on all platforms, ps4, steam, twitch, YouTube, etc. are all the same:

    I don't have an account with the app though.

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