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Be sure to check the 'local web' when you are near the convention center...

MagnusantiMagnusanti Registered User regular
Hey folks, the first test of the local web is happening at PAX East, today.

The local web is like mini-forums but the posts are only visible to people near by. So if you post something at and you are at PAX, then only those at PAX can see it.

The front page of the local web is a list of all the 'slashes' that people have created, like /leagueoflegends or /cookie.brigade or /borderlands.gathering and the list is sorted by activity.

Here is a current screenshot of the front page of local web near the convention center.

If you go to right now AND you are within a mile of the convention center, you will see a slash for each panel on Friday where you can post questions or get some conversation going. You will see other slashes that other people have created too.

If you go to and you are not near PAX, you probably won't see anything.

How can you use the local web at PAX? I have written up a ton of different use cases:

/pax.meetups - adhoc meetups on a whim
/need.pax.tix - buying or selling last minute tickets
/ - turning sparks into fires
/cookie.requests - Uber for cookies
/jamspace -getting the band back together, for the first time
/borderlands.gathering - organizing the chaos
/paxover.seder - keeping traditions with a temporary family
/livestreaming.ethics.panel - starting the conversation before the conversation
/the.PAX.RPG - calling level 89 conference wizards
/ - being alone together
/astro.gaming - promoting your stuff to the people within walking distance
/ - an AMA for those in the room
/thebehemoth - breaking out of your indie booth
/carcassonne.tourney - adhoc tourney organization
/PAX.cosplay - a collection album
/miniladd - talking to your fans, on the ground
/ - collecting all the Link cosplay
/ - when you just need a little local help
/pax.after.parties - whats going on when its all over?

And there are more at, but all of the above are just examples of what could happen with the local web at PAX this weekend. Some of the above are already created, the rest, and anything else you can think of is up to you to create.

How do you create a slash? You simply type the URL into your browser's address bar and say hello. For example, if you are into Mario Kart, just type in your browser, then post a welcome message. Then the slash is public on the front page for everyone to see and respond. Though you need to do this near PAX for people at PAX to see it.

I will be on the ground to help anyone out or you can reach out to us at or find us on / ...but only if you are at PAX.

We are really hoping that the local web can make PAX even more magical than ever this year.

Gamer dad to gamer kids. Kerbalnaut first, then BF4. Will give any indie title a go.


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    MagnusantiMagnusanti Registered User regular
    Great interactig with you guys on the local web. I'll be on the floor Sunday if you want to meet up. If you haven't seen the front page yet, just go to when you are near the convention center.

    Gamer dad to gamer kids. Kerbalnaut first, then BF4. Will give any indie title a go.
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