2017 Hotel Prices

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My friends and I have worked for a few days to put together a list of all the hotels in the area, plus their rates. After some feedback on facebook, people also recommended some other columns which we put in, like Free WiFi, Breakfast, parking fees, etc. Currently the rates are all based off what the websites give for the expected dates (end of Jan, some only going as far as December) but we're hoping to see discounted rates the closer we get to badge purchase date (actual date). Currently looking for feedback, but as we get closer to badge pickup, if anyone does get cheaper or discounted reservations, I'm asking if they could comment with the daily rate (not your total) so we can make those changes and help others find a hotel that fits their budget. I'll check all the hotel rates again around badge purchase time, since I figure that's when most people will reserve.

Hotels Around PAX South

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    I assume you will include onpeak prices separately than direct hotel website prices

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    Until today I wasn't sure what Onpeak was. I didn't reserve the room last two years. Made a tab and will fill it in with whatever I can find.

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    Thanks! Looking fwd to this. Also looking for prices with my AAA discount. Will post when I I have some solid numbers. Curious is Onpeak will be cheaper than AAA

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    Hmm, my sister booked a room at Best Western Plus Sunset Suites for 140$...

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