Task Tracking Utilities (GameDev adjacent-ish)

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I need to collaborate with a remote team on some stuff, so my standard Magnets-on-a-whiteboard isn't going to be ideal. I'd google it as I'm sure such things exist, but I can't think of what such a thing would even be called?

In a general sense I'd like to be able slap an idea/goal up there, assign subtasks, note who is reponsible for them (or allow users to self-assign).

Would need to be internal, either running over a network share or hosted on an IIS/SQL environment. Free is best, but a few hundred wouldn't give anyone heartburn.

Any recommendations, even just appropriate nomenclature, would be greatly appreciated!


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    Ticket or similar number based or project collaboration focused?

    Check out JIRA and Basecamp - go from there. I've also heard good things about Asana

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    They're called, appropriately enough, trackers. We use JIRA where I work, but that might be overkill for you.

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    Trello is one that my team has used quite effectively for tracking projects.

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    Great suggestions, thanks!

    Asana and Basecamp appear to be online only, so that's a non-starter for us.

    Trello is as well, but is definitely getting a shot at managing my rat's nest of a personal to-do list, if nothing else.

    JIRA looks like it may have broader project management applications to justify the cost (quite a jump between pricing tiers there!). Most importantly, we can host internally and it works with SQL. That may be a winner.

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    Out of curiosity, why can it not be online like some kind of SaaS offering?

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    How long do you have?

    TL;DR: Security policies and the red tape required to eschew them.

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    I'm the systems admin for two tracker programs at work: JetBrains YouTrack (dedicated issue tracker / QA's primary tool) and GitLab (Version Control and issue tracker). I would recommend both of them in a heartbeat.

    YouTrack can integrate with a lot of other tools, but it is generally designed to be more of an agile project tracker. It allows you to assign tasks, report bugs, link things together, and integrate with other tools as needed. I believe that it is free for 10 users or less.

    GitLab would probably be much more your speed if you are doing distributed development. As well as being a Git repository / version control system, it does issues and milestones, allows wiki documentation and commenting on individual lines of code, merge requests, review, and so on. We have the Enterprise Edition, but the Community Edition is also free and has less of the big admin tools that your team likely doesn't need.

    To use the free ones, you need to host the system somewhere. Both companies do offer SaaS options for cloud based collab, but I don't know what the costs are.

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