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Vexing spreadsheet link problem.

JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Starting DefensePlace at the tableRegistered User regular
I am working on a spreadsheet for work.

the template has jumps in it - hyperlinks that skip you from sheet to sheet in the workbook.

The issue is - they just...disappear. We do a bunch of work in the spreadsheet, then one day when we open it, they're ...gone.

Not like "open the formula up in the formula bar and fix what's wrong with it" not "The link is relative"

the hyperlink formula disappears and there's nothing left but the text. You can't find any trace it was a hyperlink.

Any thoughts on what is eating these links?


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    OrogogusOrogogus San DiegoRegistered User regular
    You didn't say what program you're using, but if it's a recentish version of Excel, go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> (General) Web Options -> Files, and uncheck Update links on save. I don't know what it's supposed to do, but in practice all I've seen it do is wreck links and not tell you.

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    JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Starting Defense Place at the tableRegistered User regular
    Using the current excel, sorry.

    I'll try that

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    Dis'Dis' Registered User regular
    Sometimes links can be dropped if there are spaces or odd characters in the address?

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