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Turn on the grill & get in the driveway its time for [Summer Jams]

ChincymcchillaChincymcchilla Registered User regular
Hey y'all its summer and that means a couple things


Beaches, grills, fireworks, coronas of course, but everyone forgets about the most important ingredient of any summer:


A summer jam, as defined by the late great king of summer jams, Ryan Davis


is any song that you have been at a pool, beach, or barbeque and have said "DAYUM, THATS MAH JAM!"

It can be about summer, about having a good time, or really just anything that makes you wanna get up and jam

Provided for your perusal is Ryan's Personal Summer Jam Playlist

And a couple of my current Jams:

Sia is not who I'd usually go to for a Summer Jam but I can't help shaking my dumb butt to her current hit:

And the MOST UNLIKELY OF SOURCES, a Jonas Brother, has afforded me my most favoritest Summer Jam in recent memory

So how about it SE, what's your current summer Jam? Jams of summers past? What is getting you movin' movin' on this particular summers day?

What makes you say "GOD DAMN"?!

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