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Penny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Shadow of the Beast

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
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imagePenny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Shadow of the Beast

Gabe and Tycho play a game for 15 minutes and then judge it accordingly. This week they play Shadow of the Beast.

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  • LieutenantDanLieutenantDan Registered User regular
    When he was hemmed in by those shields, couldn't he just walk around them? Dammit.

  • aranc23aranc23 Registered User new member
    I have a Shadow of the Beast t-shirt from the Amiga game. It was, as I recall, brutally hard (the game, not the shirt) as Psygnosis games were known for.

  • dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
    Man, that face. Whew.

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