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Penny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Tross

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
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imagePenny Arcade - PATV - First 15 – Tross

Gabe and Tycho play a game for 15 minutes and then judge it accordingly. This week they play Tross.

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  • sawellssawells Registered User regular
    ... I think I played this on the ZX81.

    What the hell?

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  • eatingfrogseatingfrogs Registered User new member
    I found their suffering genuinely enjoyable, and in doing so also learned things about myself. Please may they play more games exactly like this one.

  • BurgersBurgers Registered User new member
    That game is an aTrossity

  • metroidkillahmetroidkillah Local Bunman Free Country, USARegistered User regular
    I fail to believe the game controls are really that bad. Does the "ship" automatically roll when the mouse is moved left or right?

    I'm not a nice guy, I just play one in real life.
  • SIXytSIXyt Esq STLRegistered User regular
    I fail to believe the game controls are really that bad. Does the "ship" automatically roll when the mouse is moved left or right?
    I too thought they were playing up how bad it was. The game is on sale through steam today, so 3 bucks in and I discovered that this game is against the Geneva Conventions. The pain is real. What a s***show!

  • Lizard DudeLizard Dude Registered User new member

  • LazyDogJumperLazyDogJumper Registered User regular
    They are beginning to show the patented "Let's-Player-Blindness" in this game. The level screen said to attack the yellow cube. Tycho seemed to be getting the hang of the controls at one point.

  • dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
    If only something had told them to shoot the yellow square. HOW COULD THEY HAVE KNOWN???

  • maas2908maas2908 Registered User new member
    I'm fairly sure this is one of those games that exists mainly there to give you something to look at when you're really high.

  • BehrditzBehrditz Registered User regular
    This is very clearly a game that was designed around gamepad controls, and the keyboard and mouse was an after thought, and thats the control setup they decided to go with.

  • EmmetRyanEmmetRyan Registered User regular
    Jesus it's hard to watch Gabe play.

    Not trying to troll but he genuinely doesn't understand most simple games. The level starts by telling you to shoot the yellow square. Then it starts you pointing at the yellow square. Then the yellow square, when shot, flashes red.

    I mean Christ, how much simpler could it be?

    Again, not trying to troll. Just seems like he could give half a shit rather than ignoring every single hint the game gives, then complaining he's lost.

  • EmmetRyanEmmetRyan Registered User regular
    Game sucks too, obvs.

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