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Laptop massive performance decrease / is my GPU even running?

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I have an Asus gaming series laptop from 2012, of course the hardware is dated, but it has been showing performance issues even with a lot older games over the last year or so.

A lot of games that used to run fine are now stuttery, showing tearing and slowdowns/freezes. This including multiple games I played on this laptop when they first came out like Bioshock Infinite or Dishonored. L4D2 recently caused the laptop to overheat so much that it shut down. I can't play Heroes of the Storm anymore because of what I assume is an issue on my side, the game is slowing down and freezing. I couldn't play the first Risen when I bought it in a humble bundle a couple weeks ago because the game would freeze all the time.
I played a lot of Hearthstone the last 2 years, so I might not have noticed when it began, but even Hearthstone is showing performance issues.
Watching movies, surfing or playing games that are not so performance heavy, like Don't Starve or CK2 or CIV5 all seems to be fine.

My impression is, that everything using 3D rendering is causing problems. And I learned through googling that there might be such a thing as a laptop using onboard graphics spontaneously instead of the proper GPU? Or something? The card is a Gforce GTX 560M. Drivers install just fine and the system recognizes the card.

Dust buildup might be a problem, I tried to keep it clean and use compressed air and I removed the backplate, which is the only part I really could remove and there was no dust behind it.
And the backplate just opens up to another plate, all I can see is the part of the board where I could upgrade the RAM with 2 more slots.

This is my first laptop and the hardware is still strange to me. How would I check if the GPU is running? Or how can I best open this thing further to remove possible dust?


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    Sounds like the cooling on your GPU is shot and it may have damaged the GPU in the process. If it works fine for everything until you try to use the GPU, that would be my guess. It's likely the "Stuttering" and poor performance you are seeing is your GPU downclocking trying to save itself from the heat death and then it crashes or your computer shuts off because the heat isn't being dissipated properly.

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