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[Camp Comic] Friday, July 8, 2016 - Tow

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited July 2016 in Camp Weedonwantcha

image[Camp Comic] Friday, July 8, 2016 - Tow



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  • Christian LeBlancChristian LeBlanc Registered User regular

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    I'm not squeamish except for nails being ripped off. Yet I keep looking at the panel out of morbid fascination.

    I really want to make a funny walking Seventeen gif.

  • DublinDublin Registered User regular
    When I lose my toenails because of long-distance running, they thankfully don't bleed.

    I just love how Seventeen doesn't seem to be minding that injury that much. Almost a "meh" reaction.

  • SporadicDuckSporadicDuck Registered User regular
    I once lost that same toenail because a table fell on it, how the heck did Seventeen stay so damn calm!?

  • AriWerdAriWerd Registered User regular
    I'm with Mal on this one. Just looking at the comic version of a bloody toenail made me cringe. I'm still cringing. I'll be cringing all day.

  • kram1032kram1032 Registered User regular
    I am literally Malachi right now.
    Just No.
    I was almost too flustered by that to locate the cat. Almost.

  • DublinDublin Registered User regular
    Also, the title of this comic "nailed" it.

  • Zorlock DarksoulZorlock Darksoul Registered User regular
    I visibly cringed when I saw that. So much ow.

  • DasilodaviDasilodavi Registered User regular
    I bet if you did a Hi-Res zoomed in version of that toe you could get some people to throw up at work.

  • CheddarLimboCheddarLimbo Registered User regular

  • xUsakoxUsako Registered User regular
    How can 2d make me feel so terrified?

  • LuneiaLuneia Registered User regular
    OMGosh. Just seeing that toe makes me cringe with bad memories of when something like that happened to me. Aaaaaaaaah. Still feeling the heebyjeebycreepycrawlies.

  • GedGed Registered User regular
    Seventeen's silly walk reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes' dancing montages.

  • motorfireboxmotorfirebox Registered User regular
    Welp, today's the day it finally happened. Always knew that someday I would cringe myself to death.

  • Mr FishMr Fish Registered User regular
    @GED, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking of when I saw that as well! Very strong Calvin & Hobbes vibe from panel 3.

    Also, very strong barf vibes from panel 5

  • xerostylexerostyle Registered User new member
    This is a joke that literally only works in comic format. It'd be neigh impossible to make this one in animated form. Bravo.

  • hajenhajen Registered User regular
    this comic receives an 'acceptable' grade from the Ministry of Silly Walks.
    ... inclusion of a bowler, brolly, and briefcase might have earned an 'excellent'.
    maybe next supply drop

  • WeilerWeiler Registered User regular
    I just went limp like Malachi when seeing the toe.
    I'm not looking for the cat in this one...

  • theywereunicornstheywereunicorns Registered User new member
    Can't look for the cat. Nope nope nope.

  • kram1032kram1032 Registered User regular
    Weiler, Theywereunicorns: hint:
    It's after the horror

  • CaffinatedCaffinated Registered User regular
    edited July 2016
    One of the harder cats to see.
    It's in the kitchen on the right side, sitting on the shelf.

    Caffinated on
  • LovelyLovely Registered User regular

    *faints along with Malachi*

  • plato360plato360 Registered User regular
    I don't think I've ever gone from laughing to cringing that quickly before, good job Kate.

    Now I'm wondering how Brian will react when he finds out Seventeen was hurt under Malachi's watch.

  • sokpupetsokpupet Registered User regular
    "Aww, but I liked that toenail." If that's not what Seventeen is thinking, I'll eat my hat.'s a nacho hat.

    Also, anybody else notice the long trail of blood she left in her wake?

  • MartynMartyn Registered User regular
    This kind of thing (last panel) happens in real life more often than you think.

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    sokpupet wrote: »
    "Aww, but I liked that toenail." If that's not what Seventeen is thinking, I'll eat my hat.'s a nacho hat.

    Also, anybody else notice the long trail of blood she left in her wake?

    At one of my retail jobs in the past, we had kid with a nose bleed that left a trail of blood clear across the store and zigzagged through several aisle.

  • NuurgleNuurgle Redmond, WARegistered User regular
    Katie...WHY??? Oh man, I am totally Malachi. I had to look away from the screen, then cover it partially with my hand to make sure I wouldn't miss dialogue in the next panel before scrolling past. I also completely forgot to look for the cat until I got to the comments.

  • SkizzSkizz Registered User regular
    That is going to hurt like all bejeezus when they pull it off. Hope they have some med supplies. Or, y'know, borax.

  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    I once lost a toenail when I was a kid. It hurt like a bejusus. There's no way Seventeen should have reacted as calmly as she did.

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    Caffinated wrote: »
    One of the harder cats to see.
    It's in the kitchen on the right side, sitting on the shelf.

    Not only was it one of the harder ones, I think everyone completely forgot about the cat after seeing Seventeen's toe. I know I did.

  • te-kunte-kun Registered User regular
    Now I wonder how Brian would react to Seventeen gaining a painful wound like this.

  • #1CreationJellyfish#1CreationJellyfish Registered User new member
    I love the walkin' crazy panel. Reminds me of some classic Bill Watterson.

  • JachraJachra Registered User regular
    Wow, Seventeen must be used to all sorts of injuries if that doesn't even phase her.

    Must have an iron constitution not to worry about infection :D

    "We do not allow wizards to cast spells in our game, for that is the most unbalanced rule of all."
  • metfanscmetfansc Registered User regular
    Considering I almost fainted when I saw her cut I feel for Malachi :)

  • mattlohkampmattlohkamp Registered User regular
    I love how gruesome the toe injury panel is.

  • seth silerseth siler Registered User new member

  • -creid-creid Registered User regular
    Haha, I can't believe that I audibly gasped at the sight of Seventeen's toe. Bravo Katie.

  • Spyke66Spyke66 Registered User regular

  • ZyxxZyxx Registered User regular
    Ow Seventeen no no no, poor baby, come here and let me patch you up

  • KaitensatsumKaitensatsum Registered User regular
    The Ministry of Silly Walks has a new entrant I see.

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